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Music Theatre at CMU66058Central Michigan University's music theatre program prepares you with the training, skills, and experience you will need to start a career as a professional performer.2/18/2014 6:39:57 PMCMU's undergraduate music theatre program combines interdisciplinary course work in music dance, and in courses dedicated specifically to music theatre performance and history STS_Webhttps://www.cmich.edu/colleges/CCFA27873190https://www.cmich.edu2/18/2014 6:39:57 PMhtmlTrueCMU_INTERNET_SITEDEFaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
Online Training Resources418566Online Training through Video Web Streaming3/28/2014 7:35:16 PMon March 4 th, 2009 by a panel from CMU which handle parent calls on a regular basis this program with information about diversity at CMU and a performance by SST from Chicago STS_ListItem_850https://www.cmich.edu/fas/hr/HRProfessionalDevelopmentPrograms/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx11661170https://www.cmich.edu3/28/2014 7:35:16 PMhtmlFalseaspx1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
CMU Money Cards FAQs442326CMU Money Cards FAQs8/22/2013 6:02:37 PMAn e-mail will be sent to Can I have the CMU Money Card if I don’t have or want a checking account? Yes, you do not need to be affiliated with any bank to have the CMU Money Card STS_ListItem_850https://www.cmich.edu/fas/fsr/student_acct_university_billing/SASUBRefunds/SASUBCMUMoneyCardProgramInfo/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx10141090https://www.cmich.edu8/22/2013 6:02:37 PMhtmlFalseaspx1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
The CMU Writing Center4366392/16/2011 7:00:05 PMThe CMU Writing Center Dedicated to supporting a culture of writing in the university we all benefit from feedback Because it’s FREE Q: Why do we have a Writing Center STS_ListItem_DocumentLibraryhttps://www.cmich.edu/colleges/chsbs/Centers/WritingCenter/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx80110https://www.cmich.edu2/16/2011 7:00:05 PMpptFalseppt22~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PowerPoint.js
March 201340754512/17/2013 1:50:57 PMhas been named to the All-Mid-American Conference First Team, CMU’s first since 1993 He is the second wrestler in CMU history to achieve this honor STS_ListItem_850https://www.cmich.edu/about/awards_and_highlights/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx14241850https://www.cmich.edu12/17/2013 1:50:57 PMhtmlFalseaspx1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Why FM in Saginaw?40199211/14/2013 1:15:43 AMCMU Healthcare is the East Campus of Central Michigan University College of Medicine About CMED History Mission, Vision & Values Administration Events & Achievements STS_ListItem_850https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/cmed/residents/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx103140https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/cmed11/14/2013 1:15:43 AMhtmlFalseaspx1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
2014_Cost_of_Attendance_Increase_Appeal4121793/27/2013 10:15:00 AMIf you plan to use a 2. Parent PLUS loan approval is based on your parent’s credit history on this appeal will be emailed to the student’s CMU email account in approximately 4 weeks STS_ListItem_DocumentLibraryhttps://www.cmich.edu/ess/OSFA/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx337260https://www.cmich.edu3/27/2013 10:15:00 AMpdfFalsepdf1515~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js
Why EM in Saginaw?4019851/29/2014 7:15:55 PMCMU Healthcare is the East Campus of Central Michigan University College of Medicine About CMED History Mission, Vision & Values Administration Events & Achievements STS_ListItem_850https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/cmed/residents/Pages/Forms/AllItems.aspx260260https://www.cmich.edu/colleges/cmed1/29/2014 7:15:55 PMhtmlFalseaspx1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
2013-15 Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Final 8-30-134015409/3/2013 2:16:10 PMPlan is designed to incorporate all areas of CMU within a centralized planning initiative on how best to position all areas of CMU to accommodate change and move the university STS_ListItem_DocumentLibraryhttps://www.cmich.edu/ess/Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx32773820https://www.cmich.edu9/3/2013 2:16:10 PMpdfFalsepdf1515~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_PDF.js
Why Become a Scholar?8990612/17/2013 6:26:03 PMA Doctor of Philosophy, or Ph.D., is the highest time working in a lab, while a history student will spend most of their time reading and CMU Faculty Share Their Experiences STS_Webhttps://www.cmich.edu/colleges/cgs/McNairScholars10521470https://www.cmich.edu12/17/2013 6:26:03 PMhtmlTrueCMU_INTERNET_SITEDEFaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js


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