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Our Journeys: Pathways to Potential
Annual Conference of the Michigan ACE Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education
June 8 - 9, 2009
James B. Henry Center for Executive Development - Lansing, MI
Conference Host: Central Michigan University

Breakout Session I: June 9th (10:45 a.m. - noon)

  1. A Day in the Life of the College Presidency: An interactive workshop on effectively managing time and work -- Rm. A169
    Saundra Tracy, President, Alma College
    Did you ever wonder what it is like to be a college president? Using real situations from a college president’s day, participants will learn strategies for managing multiple demands while providing effective leadership regardless of position. The workshop will include hands-on activities, group discussion and feedback on critical skills related to effective leadership and time management.

  2. Leadership through Sustained Crisis -- Rm. A170
    Daniel Granholm Mulhern
    The First Gentleman will explore what energizes you and talk about skills to help people lead better every day. As women in positions of leadership at institutions of higher learning, you make a difference in the lives of others by networking, mentoring, and enjoying your journey down pathways to potential.

  3. How to Move Forward Even When Stuff Gets in the Way -- Rm. B106
    Patricia Taylor, Dean of Support Services and Student Advocacy, Washtenaw Community College
    Feel like your career development isn’t progressing enough – even though you have done all the right things? This session will focus on examining key strategies to tune up your career possibilities. Additionally, you will develop a clear statement of your unique ‘brand’ to help you promote your value to the organization.

  4. Vigilance Post Proposal 2: Monitoring Effects on Vulnerable Populations -- B113/121
    Diane M. Purgiel, Vice President of Development, The Imagine Fund
    Susan W. Kaufmann, Associate Director for Advocacy, Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan
    Lona M. Slaughter, Executive Assistant, The Imagine Fund

    Participants will be informed about two different outcomes of anti-affirmative action voter initiatives in California versus Washington, with an eye toward ways positive outcomes can be achieved in Michigan. Information will be shared on the status of current data collection efforts which are tracking the impact; and on a new nonprofit, The Imagine Fund, committed to enhancing student diversity at Michigan’s public institutions of higher education.

  5. Improving Student Success—One College’s Journey -- Rm. B119
    Cameron Brunet Koch, President, North Central Michigan College
    Naomi DeWinter, Dean of Students, North Central Michigan College
    Julie Tobin, Director of Enrollment Management and Core Team Leader, North Central Michigan College

    North Central is one of 80 community colleges in 15 states and four universities in Texas that are participating in an initiative to help more college students earn credentials they need to be successfully employed. North Central received a $50,000 planning grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the first year to collect data and plan initiatives that will help students achieve their educational goals. A grant worth up to $400,000 over four years is now being used to implement those initiatives. We will discuss our initiatives as well as our commitment to transform the college into a culture of evidence. We will also provide some outstanding examples of faculty engagement.

  6. Developing a Strategic Vision for Your Career Plan -- Rm. A140
    Julia Sherlock, Director of the Career Services, Central Michigan University
    The presenters will discuss strategies and styles to utilize in focusing your job search tools and activities. Resumes; developing a plan of action and putting it all together to ensure success!

  7. Getting into the Academy; Successfully Negotiating an Academic Job Offer -- Rm. B107
    Sally Schmall, MSW, Principal of Academy Coaching, Inc.
    Negotiating an academic job offer is an opportunity for you to collaboratively create an appointment that you will enjoy, be productive in and eventually (yes) secure tenure. This interactive workshop will help you explore different aspects of your future faculty appointment and how to best negotiate for what you need.

  8. Leading the Community College -- Rm. B120
    Carol Churchill, President, Mid Michigan Community College
    Robin Smith, Chairperson, Lansing Community College Board of Trustees
    Marilyn Amey, Professor, Michigan State University.
    Jean Morciglio, Moderator, Lansing Community College

    Change is underfoot in the community college. A full 45% of current presidents are 61 years of age or older, and there are predictions of 80% retiring within the next 10 years. In this session several community college high level leaders discuss the unique challenges they have faced and offer their ideas for preparing for coming challenges. Discover more about career pathways at community colleges and learn about the competencies expected from future leaders.


Breakout Session II: June 9th (1:30 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.)

  1. Future Trends in Higher Education: Navigating the Big Rocks -- Rm. A169
    Carol A. Churchill, President, Mid Michigan Community College
    Kelley Eltzroth, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Mid-Michigan Community College
    Kim Barnes, Executive Director of Enrollment Management, Mid Michigan Community College
    Charity Blake, student, Mid Michigan Community College
    In these uncertain times, predicting the future of higher education resembles canoeing upstream in a tumultuous, rocky river. Join a college president, faculty member, admissions officer and student as they share their perspectives on both the "big rocks" and the smooth sailing ahead for higher education.

  2. Thriving in Times of Change -- Rm. A170
    Jeff Mason, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
    Given the tremendous challenges facing our nation and state the need has never been greater to diversify and transform Michigan’s economy. Jeff Mason, Senior Vice President for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will share with the audience how in collaboration with Michigan Universities and local economic development organizations we are building a strong future for Michigan.

  3. Gender Differences in Difficult Conversations: Communicating and Managing Conflict in Higher Education -- Rm. B106
    Amy McGinnis, Central Michigan University
    This session will explore relevant research about the communication and conversation styles of men and women. In addition, using communication models from the book, Difficult Conversations, participants will explore the dynamics of what is involved in communicating and managing conflict, and will review practical ways to make difficult conversations less stressful and more productive.

  4. Making Room for Me …Exploring Work Life Balance -- Rm. B107
    Mary Gmeiner, Director, Labor and Employee Relations, Washtenaw Community College.
    This interactive workshop is designed to help participants explore practical tools that will assist with work life balance struggles. Learn to avoid the unsuccessful management of the delicate balance between personal and professional life that can lead to workplace disaster. Come enjoy this fast paced fun session and walk away with a new work life strategy.

  5. Speak Up and Speak Out -- Rm. B119
    Jennifer Luzar, Associate Professor, Northwood University
    In this session the presenter will share valuable in-sight and resources to assist in enhancing your presentation skills and developing a better understanding of your audience, and tips for how to more effectively communicate using the three most common forms of communication in business- presentation, phone and e-mail.

  6. Surviving the Job Interview -- Rm. B120
    Monica Holmes, Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration, Central Michigan University
    Catherine Riordan, Vice Provost, Central Michigan University
    Claudia Douglas, Associate Dean of the College of Science and Technology, Central Michigan University
    So you have a campus interview lined up. Do you know how you arrived at this destination point? What are the pitfalls you should avoid? What homework should you do beforehand?

  7. Passage of Proposal 2 - Impact on Higher Education in Michigan -- Rm. A140
    MaryLee Davis, Professor of Higher Education, Michigan State University
    Jean Morciglio, Executive Director of Extension and Community Education, Lansing Community College
    Michigan is the third state to pass a constitutional amendment “banning public institutions from using affirmative action programs…” This amendment has potential to have a tremendous impact on colleges and universities that are attempting to educate a diverse work force in a global economy. Two other states that passed the amendment, California and Washington reported declines in minority enrollments and minority faculty hires after the passage of the amendment. In order to gauge the impact of the amendment’s passage on higher education in Michigan, we surveyed private and public institutions and will be reporting the results of the survey at this session. ​