Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Nominations

Nominations are currently closed for CMU's candidate for the 2021 award.

Due to changes in leadership and unforeseen events, CMU did not nominate a candidate for the 2020 Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award. 

Recommendations for the 2021 nominee are now being accepted. Nomination requirements are detailed below.

This award is part of a statewide initiative by the Michigan ACE (American Council of Education) Women's Network. President Davies is responsible for nominating a candidate for this prestigious honor. 

The nominee must be an employee of Central Michigan University and an individual who has exhibited outstanding leadership to other women on campus and in the community. The award is open to women at any level or position at CMU and is designed to recognize work on behalf of women in higher education that is outside the scope of the nominee's formal staff or faculty job responsibilities.

Activities considered worthy of the recognition include the following:

  • mentoring women to enhance their leadership skills in higher education
  • promoting women into increasingly responsible roles in higher education
  • planning and implementing programs for women leaders in higher education
  • conducting research on and writing about women's leadership in higher education
  • making presentations on women in leadership in higher education
  • providing advocacy for women's issues in higher education
  • serving as a catalyst for policy changes
  • attaining a higher education leadership position in which the nominee serves as an inspiration or role model
  • being recognized nationally and/or internationally for work on behalf of women in higher education

Preference will be given to nominees with the following attributes: --an evident philosophy of helping other women that goes beyond job responsibilities --a reputation for fairness, equity, and justice that is based on actions on behalf of women --a positive impact on women in leadership that goes beyond the nominee's own campus --publications or presentations that provide new information of use to women --evidence of advancement on behalf of women in general by breaking gender barriers (e.g., in career roles normally dominated by men).

We have many talented women on campus who exhibit leadership in all manners and forms. Please nominate those whom you might recommend for this prestigious honor. 

Nomination Requirements:

  • Email name, title, and campus address/contact information of nominee and nominator to Amanda Scherr, amanda.scherr@cmich.edu, OR Marcy Taylor, taylo1mm@cmich.edu, CMU ACE Institutional Representatives
  • Short paragraph on why you feel the person should be selected as CMU's nominee for the award—and be sure to reference the qualities outlined above.


    • Nominations will be accepted until November 13th, 2020.
    • Nominees will then be notified and will have until December 11th to supply their curriculum vitae and leadership philosophy statements.