CMU Master Course Syllabi (MCS)

Master Course Syllabus: The official record of a course, containing the course description, prerequisites, co-requisites, recommended prior coursework and/or experiences, a rationale for course level, materials and other requirements, typical instructional formats, course objectives, an outline of topics, and typical methods for student evaluation. (As defined in the CMU Curriculum Authority Document, Appendix A,)

Access to the MCS Directory will require a CMICH login 

Please visit MCS Resources to download the following templates to create a new or revised MCS, along with other related resources:
  • Master Course Syllabus Template in Word 
  • Master Course Syllabus Template in Excel (Note: Please enable macros and read the instructions tab on this document before using.) 
How to write an MCS Description: This page provides a basic outline for constructing a Master Course Syllabus.

Course-Level Rationale: This guide is for use in developing the course-level rationale in a Master Course Syllabus.

MCS Considerations: This page provides helpful considerations for curriculum committees when reviewing Master Course Syllabi during the curricular approval process.