Navigation Guide for Academic Senate Documents

Academic Senate materials are provided for interested constituents and historical reference. Users can view these documents to gain insight into decisions made to formulate academic policies and procedures as well as official documentation of academic decisions. 

Documents housed in these SharePoint files include:
  • Academic Senate Meeting Schedules, Agendas, Minutes, Reports, and Presentations
  • Academic Senate Policies & Procedures
  • Academic Senate Resources and Forms
  • Committee Meeting Minutes, and Resources
  • Curriculum Authority Document (CAD), Curricular Forms, and Best Practices 
  • Master Course Syllabi Directory and Resources
  • Index of Senate Actions
  • Annual Reports
To access documents, follow the links provided throughout the Academic Senate site, then after logging in with CMICH credentials, click through the various folders or utilize the search function. Additional navigation is available for the areas most visited. 
Note, like the file structure on a personal computer, the file system provided here is similar.  Individuals can sort/filter by the columns provided. The files will default to alpha/numerical each time the site is visited. In some folders, current year documents are pinned to the top of their respective folder.

If you need assistance in locating a file, please contact the Academic Senate Office by email or by calling (989)774-3350.