Degree Options: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Minor

Choosing to major in art history indicates a high level of interest in the Visual Arts. That often begins with a fascination with past cultures and their creations: ancient pyramids of Egypt, Renaissance frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, or a modern portrait by Picasso. Over the course of the program, that interest will be deepened by learning how to see, think, analyze, and write about art. Survey courses expose students to art from a wide variety of peoples and places from the beginnings of civilization through to the 21st century. In advanced courses, students conduct personal research into historical artworks. Students will have opportunities to engage with art firsthand, via trips to the Detroit Institute of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and other museums. Study abroad programs allow students to enhance their understanding of the history of art in context.

As an art history graduate, you develop skills and knowledge that can be used in a wide variety of professions, including archaeologist, museum curator, art librarian, and archivist.

Students seeking to supplement another major with art history are encouraged to sign an art history minor.​