C.H.A.M.P Peer Educators

Gavin Aikens
Major: Therapeutic Recreation
Career goal​: Occupational Therapist 

This will be my first year as a C.H.A.M.P. peer educator and I'm excited to enlighten the student body.  I'm also a member of the Health Professions Residential College and Pre-OT club.  My hobbies would be working out, running, playing any type of sport and jamming to music.  I'm super friendly so feel free to say "hi" or ask a question if you see me around campus. ​

Jake Altman

Major: Dietetics major.

This is my first year as a CHAMP and I'm really looking forward to it.  My hobbies include working out, cooking, baseball, hockey, hospitality, botany and astronomy.  I love it here at Central, and encourage other students to have an amazing, safe, and healthy college experience.  If you see me around, don't be shy.  I love meeting new people. 

David Bancuk

Major: Kinesiology, Nutrition minor
Career goal: Physical Therapist.​  

I am an active member in both the Health Professions Residential College as well as the Pre-Physical Therapy club.  This is my first year as a Certified BACCHUS peer educator and I am looking forward to the experience.

Breanne Lesnar

Major: Spanish and Community Health Education and Promotion.

I run long distance for the CMU cross country/track and field teams, so there’s a good chance you might see me running around campus. When I’m not logging miles or doing schoolwork, I enjoy spending time outdoors or meeting new people. I have always been a great listener and friend, so please don’t hesitate to get ahold of me if you ever want to chat!

Megan Broderick

Major: in Public Health Education and Promotion with a minor in nutrition.

I am involved in Phi Eta Sigma, a national honor society on campus as well as Eta Sigma Gamma, the Public Health Fraternity. I am currently a group fitness leader for CMU that teaches glutes, guns and guts and kickboxing. I love to lead a healthy lifestyle and being outdoors whenever I can be. My dream job is to help people make the move to change their lives for the better. When I am not doing school related things you can probably find me at a country concert!

Taylor Burkhardt

Major: Dietetics
Career goal: Registered Dietician  

I love being involved as I work at the The Fresh Food Company and I am a Resident Assistant in Emmons Hall.  I also work as a Diet Technician at the hospital in Saginaw, MI.  I am a member of the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (S.A.N.D.) and serve as the Recording Secretary.  When I have some free time I enjoy running, listening to country music, painting my nails, and cooking delicious food.  I have a passion for helping others and being a part of the CHAMP program allows me to use my knowledge to help others lead healthy lifestyles! 

Lauren Czarnowczan

Major: Community Health Education and double minoring in Substance Abuse Prevention, Education and Treatment along with Nutrition.  

I'm very passionate about my area of study and can't wait to do great things in the future.  I've been part of CHAMP's now for a year and love the program and what we're set to do.  I'm a big advocate for helping people in anyway possible.  Even if that means only making a difference in one person's life, then I'll be happy.   I know everyone has a story underneath their outer shell and life can get hard sometimes, and that's why we need people in our lives; and that's why I love to help people, and why I am involved on campus with CHAMP's and other things.  So, my "door" is always open!!!  :)


Katie Diephouse

Major: Dietetics
Career goal: Registered Dietician

I enjoy being involved and working with others.  I currently work at The Fresh Food Company on east campus, as well as a Dietary Assistant at an assisted living home/nursing home in my home town.  I am a member of the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (S.A.N.D.) and serve on the E-Board as the MAND Chair/FNCE Chair, as well as a participant in the Alternative Winter Breaks program.  When I am not studying or working, I enjoy running, swimming, cooking yummy food, reading, cycling, and spending time with my great friends and family.  Also, I am very excited to be a part of the CHAMP program for the first time, making a difference on campus and promoting healthier lifestyles!!  :)

Erin Barrett

Major: Community Health major with a minor in Nutrition.

My areas of interest within my field of study are chronic disease prevention, nutrition, and sexual health education. After I graduate CMU I plan to take a year off to travel and experience new cultures. Afterwards, I plan to go to grad school to further my education. My dream job would be teaching sex education to youth at high schools or middle schools. If I am not studying or doing homework I like to watch Netflix, cook, hangout with friends, and play with my dog. I have an on-campus job at Starbucks which is where I spend a lot of my time outside of classes. I love meeting new people so if you ever see me on campus say hi!

Jenn Hickey

Major: Dietetics
Career goal: Physician Assistant

In addition to being a CHAMP for the past year, I'm employed at the East Area Fitness Center and Merrill Residential Restaurant. I'm also a ranger guide for Leadership Safari, a participant of CMU's Alternative Breaks program and a member of the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  When I'm not in class or working, I enjoy reading, binge watching Netflix, cooking, working out and spending time with my wonderful friends and family.  I love meeting new people so don't be afraid to say, "Hi"!

Katy Isles

Major: Kinesiology major and American Sign Language minor

My time here at Central is spent actively involved in research, supplemental instruction, working out, and meeting new people!  I would love to chat with you about anything under the sun, so let's find some time to do so!

​​Megan Shannon

Major: Kinesiology
Career goal: Physical Therapist

I became a CHAMP because I wanted to make a difference on campus as well as become more involved in the community.

Austin Pearson

Major: Exercise Science
Career goal: Physical Therapy.

Upon completion of graduate school, I hope to move back up north and eventually own my own practice.  Other than being a member of CHAMP's, I am also a Peer Mentor for the Health Professions Residential College in Emmons Hall and a member of the Honors Program.  In my free time I enjoy downhill skiing, hunting and playing basketball.  I love just about everything to do with sports, exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I look forward to being a member of the CHAMP program this year and promoting healthier lifestyles!

Sadee LaLonde

Career goal: Physician Assistant

I am set to graduate in the spring of 2017 and hope to complete a minor in Gerontology.  I have always loved to volunteer throughout my community and look forward to seeing the positive effects the C.H.A.M.P. program will bring to the CMU community.  When I’m not studying or involved in extra-curricular activities, I love to play tennis, softball, ski, go boating, hiking, and give back to my community. 

Heather Sell

Major: Neuroscience and a minor in Leadership.

I am involved in the Health Professions Residential College as well as the Pre-Medicine and Osteopathic Society. I have a strong passion for educating people about the correct treatment of the body and helping the
m to lead a healthier lifestyle.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, water sports, and reading.

Phillip Shanno​n​

Major: Counseling Psychology

Other than being in C.H.A.M.P.'s for the first year, I am also Vice-President of a Psychology RSO called APSSC, and in the future Alumni Association as well.   I am very excited about being a peer educator and can't wait to make a difference on this campus.


Major: Community Health Education and minors in Substance Abuse Counseling and Sociology.

I am passionate about family planning and STI's, mental health and substance abuse.  If you ever see me on campus, feel free to ask me a question or just say "hi".  I look forward to another year as a CHAMP and promoting healthy lifestyles!

A​riel Tucker

Major: Therapeutic Recreation and minoring in Psychology Career goal: Occupational Therapist.  

I became a CHAMP because I am passionate about living a healthy life as well as informing others how to do so as well. 

Kayleigh Wilhelm

Major: in Psychology and double minoring in ASL and Child Development

I am from a small town by the name of Engadine located in the Upper Peninsula.  I am an outgoing and laid back type of person.  This is my first year here at CMU and I have loved every moment of it.   One day I hope to counsel children and work specifically with children who have autism.  My hobbies include fishing, hunting, playing sand volleyball and watching movies.  I spend most of my time outside and do what I can to stay active and fit.  I enjoy sharing these hobbies with others and learning new things.  If you need to get out and get  fresh air, or just need someone for support, I'll be there. ​​

Hailey Zacharski

Major: Secondary Education - History with minors in Health Education and Nutrition.​
Career goal: teacher

I am a member of the Council of Future Educators and the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I am an Honors Student and volunteer with Honors Outreach Network.  I am passionate about fighting hunger and bringing about social change to achieve equality for all.   I love to run and watch all kinds of movies.  Health and Wellness have become near and dear to my heart since I first discovered the importance of nutrition and exercise in promoting longevity and warding off sickness.  I want to educate others on how vital it is that they eat well and engage in physical activity each day.  Please feel free to approach me, I want to build relationships with as many new people as I can, so don't hesitate to introduce yourself! 

​Leslie Stockford, Coordinator of Fitness,
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