Power Outages

Power Outages

Procedure when a power failure occurs

Power failures occur occasionally and normally do not prove to be hazardous situations. It is, however, important to be prepared should one occur. Darkness is often the result of a power failure and this can be a danger in a public facility. The following procedures are to be used during a power failure.

If a power failure occurs during the day, vision should be satisfactory due to windows and doors providing outdoor light.

Should a power failure occur during the night or evening, emergency lighting will activate in the building. Building occupants should leave immediately.

If it is necessary to seek shelter during a power failure due to severe weather, employees are to go to the designated safe area or a protected area. Refer to The tornado shelter locations for your building by clicking here ( https://www.cmich.edu/fas/fsr/rm/ehs/emergency_management/Floorplans/Pages/default.aspx)


When the power returns, inspect your area and report any damage which may have occurred. (vandalism, electronics damage due to a surge, etc.)


NOTE: Be aware that with a power outage, you have no fire alarm system.

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