Imperative II: Fostering Scholarly Activity

CMU encourages a scholarly environment that attracts and fosters talented and diverse students, faculty and staff. Scholarship is essential to the intellectual life of a university and its accreditation. We embrace a broad view of scholarship, recognizing the value of theoretical and applied research, field-specific and interdisciplinary research, creative efforts, artistic performances, and pedagogical inquiry.

The types and purposes of scholarship at CMU vary:

  • Scholarship of discovery advances and expands knowledge within the disciplines and professions.
  • Scholarship of integration combines information across disciplines, professions, topics, and time for sharing with our peers and stakeholders.
  • Scholarship of application (also known as scholarship of engagement) applies expertise in ways that can be shared with and evaluated by peers and partners, including corporations, government agencies, tribal nations and community organizations. (See Imperative III: Strengthening Partnerships in Michigan and Beyond.)
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning studies teaching and learning processes and/or outcomes in ways that can be shared publicly so others can evaluate and apply the results.


  1. Recruit and retain talented, diverse faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff.
  2. Support merit-based financial aid to recruit exceptional students.
  3. Provide effective infrastructure to support scholarly activity among faculty, students, and staff (e.g., information technology and networks, appropriate laboratory space, library and information resources, performance venues).
  4. Provide effective resources and professional development to support scholarship (such as sabbatical and assistance with grant writing, compliance and sponsored programs).
  5. Celebrate and advertise in our press releases, marketing materials and other venues the scholarly activities of our faculty, students and staff.
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