Committee I Proposals

​1. Prop for CEI

2. Department of Statistics, Data and Actuarial Sciences

3. Computer Science Department Proposal for Reorganization

4. Theatre

5. Communication Studies Department Proposal

6. Communication Proposal for Reorganization

7. Integrative Public Relations Department

8. College of Media and Communication

9. CMU PB Proposal

10. CSE Letter Re Academic Reorganization

11. EDL Institute for Research, Policy and Social Justice

12. EDL Reorganization college-wide PhD

13. FMD Reorganization Proposal

14. FNS Proposal Undergraduate Programs

15. Gero to CHP Proposal

16. HDF Reorganization Proposal

17. IND Reorganization proposal

18. MS in Nutrition and Dietetics DI_MSDI

18a. Program Review March 2017 Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics

19. PEU School of Education Reorganization Project

20. RPL HDF Realignment Proposal

21. RPL Interdisciplinary Leadership Minor Realign

22. RPL Realignment Proposal

23. SoLS Proposals for Reorganization

23a. SoLS Potential Org Chart

24. TEPD Reorganization Proposal

25. HSC Proposal for Admin Reorganization

26. DPT Program Proposal

27. Center for Professional Studies Proposal

28. Reorganization Letter

29. School of Public Service and Global Citizenship Proposal

30. PTCC Reorganization - Ronan

31. Reorganization Proposal

31a. Tenure Track Request 2017-2018 Judicial Politics

31b. Tenure Track Request 2017-2018 Methods

31c. Academic Program Analysis - Online MA in Political Science

32 and 33.  SASW Restructuring Ideas

34. Template for Proposals for Reorganization for WGS

35. Template for Proposals for Reorganization for Autism and Psychology

36. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

36a. College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Map

37. NSC Reorganization Proposal

37a. NSC School Organizational Chart

38. Reorganization Recommendation Template Neuroscience

39. Reorganization Recommendation - CMED (Creighton)

40. Reorganization Recommendation - CMED Structure

41. MMD Reorganization

42. Leadership Programs

43. Proposal for Reorganization KPark

44. University College

45. Honors Program Proposal for Reorganization

46. Neuroscience Institute

47. Health Education Campus