Message from Dr. Ian R. Davison

Welcome to the website for the academic organizational review. These pages explain the process, answer frequently asked questions and provide a forum for the CMU community to make suggestions and provide feedback. 

The university is conducting this review to ensure CMU has the best possible organizational structure and processes to achieve the goals of student success, scholarly activity and external partnerships outlined in the 2017-2022 strategic plan.

Great outcomes will be possible if we consciously pause to envision the future and position Central to take advantage of the opportunities and meet the challenges of the next decade.

Why now? Other units at CMU are reorganized as needed, such as the recent integration of global and main campuses. Yet colleges and departments were last reviewed and reorganized 20 years ago. Since then, CMU has grown considerably in enrollment, transitioned from a Carnegie Master's Comprehensive University to a Doctoral Research High (R-2) and added programs such as engineering and medicine.

The questions are therefore: a) is the structure created in 1996 still the optimal model for the university of the future, and b) does the organization of support units within and outside the academic division help create the best possible student academic experience and ultimately, student success?

Research, scholarship and creative work conducted at universities are major drivers of societal change. Universities should ask the questions that allow them to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities inherent in the changes they help create.

Let's consider an example. The shortage of graduates in technological fields has produced rapid growth in CMU's professional programs such as engineering, computer science, IT, statistics and actuarial science that are housed in the College of Science and Engineering. We should ask whether students, faculty and the companies who employ our graduates would be best served if these programs had the synergy of being together in their own college? Or, should we create a School of Engineering and Applied Science within the current college? Or, is the current structure the best option?

No single individual has detailed knowledge of all CMU operations. It is therefore imperative that this review incorporates ideas from our entire university community and that committee recommendations have a campuswide review.

The review will be an inclusive process based on the principles of shared governance. I encourage individuals and groups to contact me to meet. You also may submit suggestions online using the form that will be added to this website in early October. We want to hear your ideas for positioning CMU for the future.

Dr. Ian R. Davison
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Reorganization Initiative