Frequently Asked Questions

​​​The college years are a time for students to separate from their parents and assert their independence.  However, they will continue to rely on parents for many things, including advice. We believe that well-informed parents are in a position to best assist their students in seeking information from the proper resources.  Please encourage your students to visit Career Services throughout their years at CMU.  Whether students need assistance in writing a resume, developing interview skills for a summer job, or planning a career direction, Career Services advisors are available to help.  This list of frequently asked questions has been assembled to assist parents and their students.


Effective Career Coaching

  • Listen to your students, reflect back and question in ways that promote insight in a supportive manner. Allow your students the freedom to examine and discover their potential.

  • Keep your expectations real.  It is unlikely that your students will come to a decision on a particular career title in a short time.  The goal is to motivate your students to begin the process of self-discovery, to research suitable careers, and to prepare for entry into those careers.

  • Encourage your students to explore and develop specific interests through co-curricular activities, leadership positions, community service, study abroad, research opportunities, summer jobs, and internships.

  • Motivate your students to take advantage of all career services such as: individual advisement appointments, FOCUS assessment tool, workshops, career fairs, resume services, “What Can I Do with a Major In..?” sessions, internships, eRecruiting, and on-campus interviews

  • Continue to listen to, encourage, and motivate your students. Avoid the temptation to make decisions for your students.  This is their time to clarify visions of the future, and “test the reality” of career dreams as they evolve.

  • Promote CMU’s Career Services with your organization as a source of talent to fill internships and full time positions.


Career Planning Timeline

Although students progress at different rates, we have compiled a suggested plan to help students organize their time and utilize career services.  The CMU Career Success Plan and Decision Making Strategies resource can provide an outline of helpful suggestions to assist your student.


Career Fairs and Events

Career Service maintains a list of career events on campus and career fairs throughout Michigan and the U.S.; the later is not, by any means, a complete list.  You can also keep track of "campus happenings" through CMU's All Events calendar.


Choosing a Major

A great first step is to have your student contact Career Services (989.774.3068) for an advising appointment.  At this appointment advisors will listen to the student's interests and career goals (or help to clarify them) so major options can be explored.  Sometimes, however, an appointment won't yield the desired results so other options and services (at that time) can be discussed.  Our office has also developed several resources for assisting with the major selection process.



Yes we can!  Career Services has a full-time internship coordinator to assist all students with finding internship experiences.  CMU’s Career Center lists national and local internships through eRecruiting, an on-line management system allowing students access to internship and job databases.  Access is free, but students must register with Career Services before logging in.  For more information regarding internships contact Brian Partie, Jr., Internship Coordinator, at 989.774.3068.


Credit for Internships

Each academic department maintains its own policy on granting credit for internships.  To receive credit the student should obtain signed approval from the academic department prior to beginning the internship.  Career Services can assist in contacting the appropriate faculty member for approval.   


On-Campus Jobs and Part-Time Employment

Career Services does not handle campus jobs or part-time positions in the local economy.  Student Employment Services coordinates on-campus employment (Work Study and General Student Assistant positions) in addition to posting positions in the local area.       


Salary Information

Each year Career Services surveys undergraduate alumni to inquire about employment statistics and publishes information in the Annual Survey.