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COVID-19 Dashboard

CMU will continue to monitor data collected from the CMU Healthscreen app, on-campus testing, and from our community partners, including the Central Michigan District Health Department and local health care providers, to inform our decision-making process.

 The State of Michigan provides regular updates on COVID-19 cases by county on their Michigan Data webpage. We encourage our university community to visit their site for current COVID-19 statistics.

Decision points for shifting to remote instruction

As we navigate the pandemic, every activity we undertake carries some risk of virus transmission. CMU will remain open for face-to-face instruction for as long as we are able to manage and mitigate the risks related to COVID-19. There is no set threshold or number of cases that would trigger a shift to remote instruction. Rather, the decision to shift will be based on a variety of factors, including guidance from our local health department, counsel from our CMU Health medical professionals, input from our local hospitals and health care providers, suggestions from our emergency management team and direction from state leaders.

If we reach a point in which it is no longer safe to offer in-person instruction, we have prepared for a variety of scenarios and possible futures, including a shift back to remote-only instruction. We will monitor our situation carefully and make adjustments and decisions appropriately as we move forward.