Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) Locations


​Automatic External Defibrillator Locations

If you notice any problems please contact the Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Office immediately at (989) 774-7398.   


​Anspach Hall Fi​rst floor between classrooms 166 and 167
​Athletics Field ​Mobile unit
​Athletics IAC ​Inside main doors
​Athletics Training Room​Inside Athletic Training Room 111
​Beaver Island Biological Station (4 units) ​Academic Center, Boathouse, MV Chip, and Shock Boat
​Biosciences Building
​Outside of 1009/1010, 2200, 3200, and 4200
​Bovee University Center ​Second floor Information Desk
​Brooks Hall ​First floor between classrooms 129 and 130
​Central Health Investment Program (CHIP) ​Under sink in main gym area, in 3rd drawer with yellow tape
​College of Medicine ​First and second floors by the restrooms
​College of Medicine - Saginaw
​First floor between rooms 1012 and 1014
​College of Medicine - South Lobby by the TV
​Dow Science Building ​First floor between classrooms 135 and 171
​East Area Fitness Center ​Behind front desk inside fitness center
​Education and Human Services Building ​First floor main hallway outside of restrooms
​Engineering & Technology
​Near classroom 127
​Fabiano/Emmons/Woldt Halls​Main Desk
​Finch Fieldhouse ​First floor outside Military Science Office
​Grawn Hall ​First floor outside room 105
​Health Professions (5 units)​Outside rooms 1103, 1307, 2100, 2255, and 2301
​Moore Hall / Bush Theatre ​First floor outside Kiva Auditorium
​Music Building ​First floor hallway outside main office
​Park Library
​Second floor reference desk
​Pearce Hall ​First floor between rooms 114 and 115
​Police (4 units)​In Police vehicles
​Robinson Hall ​Front desk
​Ronan Hall
​Outside room 220
​Rowe Hall
​Outside room 106
​Saxe/Herrig/Celani Halls ​Main desk
​Sloan Hall
​Outside room 127A
​Smith Hall
​First floor hallway near the time clock
​Sweeney Hall​Front desk
​Thorpe Hall ​Front desk
​Towers ​Main desk
​Towers Fitness Center ​Behind front desk inside fitness center
​Trout Hall​Front desk
​UHS - Foust ​Inside room 224, on wall next to room 232
​UHS - Towers ​At doctors' desk
​UREC SAC ​Mobile unit
​UREC Injury Care Center - SAC ​Room 057
​UREC Sports Medicine - Rose ​Outside room 145 in hallway
​UREC Service Center - SAC ​Behind main desk by room 202
​UREC - Rose ​Outside room 127-Ryan Dance Studio
​UREC - Rose ​Outside wrestling room 100
​UREC - Events Center ​Outside first aid room, by section 106
​Warriner Hall ​First floor outside of Plachta Auditorium
​Wightman Hall ​First floor outside of room 125
​If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Office at (989) 774-7398 /