Frequently Asked Questions


What is CMU doing to protect the campus community?

Protecting our students, employees, guests and visitors is a serious matter at CMU, and the following efforts have been put forth by the University:
  • Emergency response protocols have been established.
  • Enhanced communication measures have been implemented, including an emergency notification system, classroom emergency phones, loudspeakers, and campus cable TV announcements.
  • Emergency Action Plans for University buildings and residence halls are in place and are regularly reviewed.
  • Emergency procedures with detailed instructions are available on the Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety web site.
  • Effective, well established relationships have been built with many local, state and federal agencies.
  • Police patrols throughout campus occur on a regular basis.
  • Community policing offices are located in Kulhavi Hall 130 and Woldt Hall 129, with flexible office hours to meet student needs.
  • Blue-light phones, which are located throughout campus and are marked with a blue light, allow for reporting an emergency.
Efforts are constantly evolving and action is continually being taken to ensure a safe learning and work environment for all.


How will I know if the University closes or if a major event is cancelled?

In the rare event that CMU must delay operations or close the university due to inclement weather or an unforeseen emergency, information will be provided to local television, radio and print media. E-mail messages will be sent to university accounts, and notices will also be posted on the CMU home page and on the CMU Information Line 989-774-7500. In addition, interested students, faculty and staff can register to receive emergency news alerts via phone, an alternate email address, or text message.


Where should I go in an emergency?

  • Be familiar with Emergency Action Plans for the buildings or residence halls you frequent. Plans include information on tornado shelters, fire escape routes, and evacuation procedures. Each plan also outlines procedures for assisting individuals who are disabled.
  • Follow the directions of police and emergency personnel, and the building coordinator (if applicable).
  • For emergency medical assistance, call 911 or proceed to the local hospital. In Mt. Pleasant, McLaren Central Michigan is located at 1221 South Drive or (989) 772-6700.

How will I know where to go if there is a power failure or if IT resources are not available?

A variety of communication strategies may be deployed by CMU personnel in the event of a power failure, including the use of two-way radios and police, emergency personnel, and/or building coordinators going room-to-room. If telephone resources are available, the city watch mass phone system might be utilized.
If IT resources were not available and information was unable to be communicated through e-mail and the internet, communication strategies such as telephone trees and local media would be used.


What can I do to be prepared?

There are a number of actions you can take to be prepared for an emergency and to keep yourself safe.
  • Review the Emergency Action Plan for your building(s) on a regular basis.
  • Attend a training session on fire safety, severe weather, first aid/CPR/AED, active shooter, or emergency procedures offered by Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety and CMU Police.
  • Review the brief Shots Fired (student edition) training video for guidelines on surviving an active shooter situation. A faculty/staff edition of "Shots Fired" is also available online.
  • Report suspicious and/or unauthorized persons or activities to CMU Police at 989-774-3081.
  • Keep offices and residence hall rooms locked when unattended.
  • Never go somewhere alone, especially at night. If you must proceed alone on campus at night, call 989-774-HELP to use the free Safe Rides service provided by CMU Police.
  • Know the location of fire extinguishers and alarms in buildings you frequent.
  • View web sites such as or to stay informed on general emergency preparedness issues.
  • Review the suggestions provided by FEMA on how individuals and families can prepare for emergencies.
  • Talk with your family in advance about how you will communicate with one another in an emergency.


What do I need to know as an international student or employee?

The Office of International Affairs is an excellent resource and is available to provide information and services to international students and/or employees. You can reach them at 989-774-4308 or by visiting the office in 330 Ronan Hall.
Additional information about international travel and alerts can be found on the US State Department website.


Where can I get more information?

Be sure to frequently check out these other campus resources for important information and updates:
General information about how to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency situation can be found through the following sources:
Resources for faculty and staff:


Who can I speak with if I still feel anxious?


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the CMU Police at (989) 774-3081 or the Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Office at (989) 774-7398 /