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Employment Verification

At times throughout your employment, there may be instances when you are required to verify your wage or employment history. 

These instances include; securing a mortgage, buying a ca​r, or providing information to a government agency for a social service entitlement. To facilitate these transactions, we are pleased to announce that your workplace has partnered with i2Verify® to fulfill these requests.
What is i2Verify?
i2Verify is a leading provider of employment and income verifications.  It is used by lenders, property managers, pre-employment screeners, social service agencies and others who need to verify your employment status or income.

How does it work?
It's simple.  If an organization needs to verify your wage or employment history, simply direct them to i2Verify. i2Verify will then register the requestor, validate that they have your consent, as well as a permissible purpose to view your data.

What information does a lender or other verifier get from i2Verify?
i2Verify provides different types of verifications for different purposes. For example, if you are looking to rent an apartment, your landlord may want to verify your current employment. A mortgage company will typically need to verify your income before providing you with a loan.  If you apply for public aid from a social service agency, they too will need an enhanced verification. i2Verify can meet each of these needs.