Herrig Hall

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Herrig Hall
403 E Broomfield St
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858-4590

Herrig Hall was designed, like most of Central's buildings, by Roger Allen and Associates of Grand Rapids. It was dedicated on December 10, 1967, the 75th anniversary of the founding of Central Michigan Normal School. At the dedication ceremony, an award was given to Allen for his service to the University.

The hall was named for an assistant professor of Psychology and Education from 1921 to 1938. Herrig was born in Saginaw on October 27, 18​66. She graduated from Arthur Hill high school. In 1891, she became the first recipient in the United States of the new certificate to teach at Normal Schools, the old name for teacher education centers. She studied at Columbia, Harvard, Clark, and the University of Chicago. She spent time as the principal of training schools in South Dakota and Nebraska, taught in New Paltz, New York for twelve years, and came to Central Michigan to teach in the Department of Psychology and Education in 1921. In addition to her teaching, she started a World Acquaintance Tour, a Negro Acquaintance Tour, a Sherwood Eddy Conference, a YWCA Mercier Breakfast, and an annual Christmas party at the Indian school.

Herrig is a theme hall that serves as the home for Global Village students. Herrig Hall has four floors and contains 2-bedroom suites shared by four students. Each room is smoke-free and includes a private bathroom. Accessible accommodations are available.