Sloan Hall

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Sloan Hall

Sloan Hall is home to CMU's economics and psychology departments.

Sloan Hall was built as a combination residence hall and health services unit. The first floor was split into north and south wings. In the north wing were a lounge and assorted recreation rooms, as well as the residence of the house mother. The south wing housed the university's health services, which included a pharmacy and beds for twenty patients. It was staffed by three nurses and a part-time doctor. The second and third floors were for residences. The building was constructed as a women's dormitory housing 148 women, two per room. However, the overcrowding that was prevalent in the dorms resulted in three women living in each room. Room rates were $3 per week. Toward the end of World War II, the building housed four people per room due to overcrowding from the presence of Naval cadets in the other women's dorm, Ronan Hall. In addition, the basement was often used for Student Senate meetings.

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