Robinson Hall

Northwest CampusRobinson Hall 

Robinson Hall
1200 S. Washington St.
Mt. Pleasant, 48858-4203

The Frank E. Robinson residence hall marked a dramatic shift from earlier halls. Instead of the single rooms and community bathrooms found in previous halls, Robinson saw the arrival of the "suite" style of rooms at Central. Robinson was the first at CMU and the second in the country to have individual bathrooms in each suite. It was featured in several publications in the 1950s as the ideal way to plan dormitories.

The hall, designed by Roger Allen of Grand Rapids, was dedicated on October 16, 1954. In a way, this was the end of a revolutionary design process in which students, faculty, staff, and the builders cooperated to design a hall that would please everyone. Using six-foot-high cinderblock mock-ups of the rooms, students and staff were able to experiment with different room layouts as workers strained to push the heavy blocks around.

Robinson Hall is the only hall on campus with 1-bedroom suites shared by two people.​

Robinson Hall has four floors. Each room is smoke-free and includes a private bathroom.

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