Barnes Hall

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Barnes Hall
1251 S. Washington
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858-4204

There are two distinct areas in Barnes Hall.

In one section of Barnes Hall, a typical suite consists of one study room with four individual desks and desk chairs, a ceiling light, tile floor, cable hook-up, computer hook-up, sliding window with curtain and telephone.

Each suite has one bathroom with a shower and curtain, tile floor, two sinks, and two under-sink cupboards with four drawers.

There are two bedrooms, each with two single beds and mattresses, one dresser, one closet with a shelf, tile floor and sliding window with curtain.

Two students share each bedroom. Four students share each suite.

Suites in the other section have two separate rooms and no private bath, so the students living in this area use community bathrooms. Although this experience may take some getting used to, the majority of the students living here love the camaraderie and community they experience.

In each room there are two beds, two dressers, two single student desks, a telephone, two closets and curtains on the windows.

All rooms are smoke free.

Barnes Hall is the home to the Leadership Scholarship recipients and is considered the “leadership” hall. The CMU Leadership Institute is housed in Powers Hall, adjacent to Barnes. Students who live in Barnes Hall will be exposed to numerous leadership activities and opportunities.

Barnes Hall was named after Charles C. Barnes, who served as a registrar, Dean of men, and Dean of administration 1920-1946

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