Cobb Hall

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Cobb Hall
204 W Broomfield St
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859-3809

The Myron A. Cobb Residence Hall is part of the Towers complex on the southeast end of campus, which houses more than 1400 students. It was designed by Roger Allen and Associates of Grand Rapids, who built most of Central Michigan University's buildings. It was the last building in the complex to open.

The Towers were partially based on student-designed blueprints. They were originally planned as a six-story complex on the north end of campus, where Northwest Apartments is now located. The site had to be changed, however, when engineers discovered that the ground would not be stable enough to support the massive structures. Since shoring up the ground would have increased an already soaring budget, the University decided to build the complex on the other end of campus on newly-annexed land on Broomfield Road.

Cobb Hall opened in 1970 as a women's residence hall. In 1973, the hall became co-ed, which it remains to this day.

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