College of the Arts and Media Individual Professional Development Application

To sign up for Central Michigan University College of the Arts and Media individual professional development programs, complete the form on this page. Proposals submitted without using this online form will not be considered.

If we have remaining funds after reviewing the applications, we will re-open the form for a second round of submissions.

Funds must be used for projects completed by July 1, 2024. The application must be completed online to be considered. In order to qualify for these professional development funds, OFIS must be complete and reflect completed research/creative activity.

Applications must be received by Friday October 6, 2023.

These professional development funds may not be used to buy out time, purchase equipment and software, hire student employees, or supplement income.

These professional development funds are one-time funding.

Only one application and award per faculty member will be accepted.

Funds only being used for future projects and not reimbursement for past items (i.e. conferences that have already occurred).

Two faculty members may apply for one joint project/presentation with $1250.00 ($500.00) from each application if details are provided on the nature of the collaboration and how total funding is used.

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