BFA Admission Auditions and Interviews

Admission to all Theatre BFA programs is competitive and requires an audition (Acting & Directing, Music Theatre) or an interview (Design & Technical Theatre). Students not selected for admission to a BFA program may audition again in the coming year, and/or major in Theatre and Interpretation, which does not require an audition. 

All students who apply for admission to a BFA program through the audition/interview process will also be automatically considered for any available Theatre Special Talent Scholarships.

Dates for CMU Theatre and Dance BFA Program Auditions will be posted here as soon as they are available.

All CMU students are eligible to participate in all areas of University Theatre Productions. Please see our Production Audition Page for information on how to audition for or work backstage on individual productions.

Audition Information

The information below is included to assist you in understanding the audition elements and requirements considered by our Music Theatre Council when making admission decisions.

There are three elements to every audition and students will be considered for their talent in vocal performance, acting, and dance. Students who audition for the Music Theatre Program are automatically considered for the BFA Acting Program.

SINGING: Prepare two songs. Each song should be 32 bars long.
One up-tempo song from a musical;
One ballad from a musical.

ACTING: Prepare 2 contrasting monologues from published plays (no musicals):
Select age-appropriate monologues.
The monologues should highlight your talents.
Please limit the total time for both monologues to two minutes.
Hand-help props and costumes are not permitted

DANCE: Students will participate in a dance master class
Bring attire appropriate for Dance to the audition.

For additional information, contact Ann Dasen the Music Theatre Council Chair.

Email Ann Dasen

Central Michigan University's Department of Theatre and Dance seeks students that display potential for a professional acting career. We seek students that are self-driven, imaginative, motivated, and talented.

Audition Preparation and Requirements
Prepare two contrasting memorized monologues (no longer than 3 minutes combined total). Both must be from a contemporary play. "Contrasting" can mean two distinct styles, such as comedic and dramatic, or two distinct types of characters. We recommend selecting monologues that aren't too far removed from your age, type, and experience.

One chair will be provided for use in your audition. No costumes or other props are allowed. Please dress appropriately for the performance.

For additional information about the BFA Acting and Directing degree program, please contact Professor Keeley Stanley-Bohn.

Email Keeley Stanley-Bohn

Students wishing to enter our BFA Design and Technical Theatre program are required to complete an interview.

We are aware that opportunities to gain production experience and training are uncommon in some areas, and this will be considered in our admissions decision. To prepare for your interview:

1. Prepare a list of your previous experiences in the field, noting the position you held or the role you played in the production, including stage manager, set/lighting/costume design and construction, light/soundboard, run crew, properties, etc.
2. Prepare a list of any educational experiences you may have had in any of the design/tech-related areas noted above.
3. Be prepared to discuss your interests and goals, and why you'd like to be a part of the program.
4. You may submit any pertinent documentation in advance as part of the Interview registration process.

Please contact Professors Ann Dasen (Costumes, Make-up, Hair) or Paul Collins (Scenery, Lighting) for more information.

If you haven't already done so, please apply for admission to CMU. Preference is given for CMU Merit Scholarships to students who apply before December 1.