Music Theatre Auditions

We anticipate a return to in-person auditions taking place during an event on our campus for 2022 prospective students. Updated information will be provided as soon as it is available. The information included below is included to assist future students in understanding the audition elements and requirements considered by our Music Theatre Council when making admission decisions.

There are three elements to every audition and students will be considered for their talent in vocal performance, acting, and dance. Students who audition for the Music Theatre Program are automatically considered for the B.F.A. Acting Program.


Directions for the 2022 Admission Auditions

Prepare two songs. Each song should be 32 bars long. 1. One up-tempo song from a musical; 2. One ballad from a musical.

Prepare 2 contrasting monologues from published plays (no musicals): 2 minutes total time for both monologues. Select age-appropriate monologues. The monologues should highlight your talents.

  • Hand-help props and costumes are not permitted.

  • Dress appropriately for the performance.

Students will participate in a master dance class.

  • Dance attire is required.