Master of Arts in Economics

The Master of Arts in Economics Program specializes in preparing you for PhD programs in Economics.  In the past two decades, our MA students have entered PhD programs with financial aid at highly ranked schools such as Yale, Michigan, Indiana, Southern California, North Carolina, Purdue, Illinois, Vanderbilt, Michigan State, Emory, and Texas A&M, amongst others.

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​​​The MA in Economics program seeks to provide students with the analytical and quantitative skills to succeed in careers as professional economists in the world of higher education, government service or private business. The primary focus is to prepare students for entry into the doctoral program of their choice.


  1. Develop the mathematical techniques commonly used in the economics profession. 
  2. Develop the statistical techniques commonly used in the economics profession.
  3. Develop analytical reasoning skills and evaluation methods used by professional economists.
  4. Promote the communication skills and intellectual curiosity necessary for the successful completion of a faculty-directed research project.
  5. Place students in doctoral programs of study.

Accelerated Program

The Accelerated MA Program in Economics allows outstanding students (minimum 3.25 GPA) to "double count" up to 12 credit hours of 500 or 600 level courses toward both undergraduate and master's degrees during their senior year (i.e. within 30 credit hours of graduating).

You can complete your master's degree in just one additional year - 18 hours - and can potentially qualify for financial aid stipends and tuition waivers in that year.  Hence a student making normal progress can leave CMU in five years with both a bachelors' and masters' degree in hand giving that person a leg up in the job market, applications for graduate school, or whatever future that person pursues.