Credit Bearing Coursework

If you’re ready to increase your level of expertise, position yourself for a promotion, or prepare for a career change, we have top-rated online bachelor’s degrees that can be completed from the convenience of anywhere.

Whether you are fresh out of high school, a recent community college graduate, or returning to earn a college degree after a few (or several) years in the workplace, we have a wide variety of bachelor’s degrees that will prepare you for success and place you in a position of robust and exciting opportunity.

We also offer credit courses designed for Michigan educators to meet your state certification renewal requirements.

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Undergraduate programs

Administration: Ergonomics Administration (Major)

Major in administration: ergonomic administration to gain knowledge in the areas of manufacturing and production, global management strategy, quality and safety, and more. You'll gain the experience and know-how necessary to lead and help organizations manage their inventory of raw materials, control for quality and implement efficient production processes within the manufacturing sector. The courses prepare you to earn industry-recognized credentials in project management and six sigma. 

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Administration: Personnel Administration (Major)

Major in administration: personnel administration provides well-rounded skills and business knowledge in communication, the legal environment of business, public relations, human resource management, digital literacy and more to thrive in an administrative capacity in a number of organizational settings. 

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Community Development (Major)

Gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the areas of leadership, communications, group dynamics, human resources, and policy-making within community settings–from the local to the national. You'll learn from accomplished faculty in courses exploring the role of community institutions and the implementation and evaluation of community programs.

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Community Services

Health Sciences

public administration

Organizational Leadership (Major)

Gain knowledge in intercultural communication, management, and leadership, business ethics, human resources, communication, mentoring and coaching, nonprofit leadership, and more. Then take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to real-world settings through our program's field experience. You'll graduate with the know-how and experience to elevate your career as a leader and influencer.

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Graduate Programs

Master of Science Administration

The Master of Science in Administration (MSA) is one of our most popular and flexible programs. It draws from many fields to give you a broad understanding of what makes organizations work well. You'll learn to be an effective manager of people and projects. Choose from 15 concentrations to focus on coursework specific to your career goals.

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Online Programs

Standard Teaching Certificate Renewal - The Connecting Link

Partner: The Connecting Link | Length: 4, 8 or 12 weeks | College Credit: 3 graduate credits | Non-Credit: Yes | Tuition Rate: $520 for 3 credits, $250 non-credit

Application: Complete and return CMU credit registration form and non-degree graduate admission application provided by TCL. That’s it, the grade will be on CentralLink in four to six weeks!

Earn graduate credit toward certificate renewal with online self-paced courses, online structured courses or site-based courses. Our partnership with The Connecting Link allows you to renew a standard or professional teaching certificate; school administrator certificate; professional or standard CTE certificate; or a school counselor license.​

The Connecting Link

Public Service Institutes

Partner: Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC), Michigan Municipal Treasurers Institute (MMTI), Michigan Public Service Institute (MPSI) | Length: 3 years | College Credit: 1-3 hours, undergraduate or graduate credit | Non-Credit: Yes | Tuition Rate: Graduate or Professional Development Rate

Training programs give municipal employees the chance to develop new skills and earn college credit. You may earn undergraduate or graduate credits from CMU by enrolling in an independent study class. 

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District Designed Professional Development (DDPD)

Partner: Central Michigan University | Length: 1-3 credit hours | College Credit: Yes, EDU 508 or EDL 592 | Tuition Rate: Graduate course rate

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Focus on the particular skills your teachers need when you customize professional development programs. When you partner with us, your teachers can earn university credit for their professional development.

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Wilderness First Responder Certification

Partner: Wilderness Medical Associates International | Length: 7 days, on-site | College Credit: 3 credits of undergraduate or graduate credit | Non-Credit: N/A

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