Credit Working with CMU

Note: Each Michigan Works! Service Center varies in how funds are approved for training. Be sure to check the Michigan Works! website for your local Service Center to learn if they have defined steps for you to follow. Locate your Service Center.

MichiganWorks! Zip Code Locater

General steps to work with Michigan Works!:

1.  Visit MichiganWorks!
2.  Make an appointment to meet with a career advisor virtually or in person
3.  Identify a program which you are interested in obtaining training
4.  Be sure your course is listed on the Eligible Training Providers List as a state approved offering through Michigan Talent Connect
5.  Explore career listings for current job availability to gauge future employment
6.  Contact your Career Advisor at MichiganWorks! to complete paperwork for funding. They will contact CMU for your registration into the program


General steps to work with Central Michigan University:

1.  Register online at CMU
2.  CMU will complete the Training Provider sections and sign the document and return to you so you can sign and return to your MichiganWorks! Career Advisor
3.  After your documents have been processed and you are approved for funding, your Career Advisor will notify CMU
4.  Upon registration, you will receive an email from ed2go with important information on how to access your course
5.  Upon completion of your training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from CMU