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The Charter School Resource Journal (TCSRJ) is actively seeking applications for the Editorial Review Board and reviewers. TCSRJ, published by Central Michigan University (CMU), is a peer-reviewed professional journal that provides opportunities for publication of empirical research, white papers, and best practice in charter schools, school choice, and educational reforms in the United States.  The journal was founded by faculty at CMU in 2005, in partnership with the National Charter Schools Institute, interested in growing a body of literature in educational theory, research, and practice in PreK-12 school settings with a focus on charter schools. TCSRJ provides an open forum to encourage and promote the construction and exchange of ideas that will expand knowledge and understanding of instructional models, innovations, and best practices for charter school classroom teachers and school leaders, and general educators.


Benjamin P. Jankens, Ed.D.
Central Michigan University
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Central Michigan University
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Call for Editors & Reviewers

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