Admissions Requirements

Applicants holding baccalaureate degrees from recognized universities are admissible to the Master of Arts degree in Education (MA) program provided they meet the general admission requirements of both the MA degree program and the College of Graduate Studies.

Applicants must meet minimum overall cumulative undergraduate grade point average (GPA) requirements. (4.0 = A, 3.0 = B, 2.0 = C)

  • 2.7– 4.0 = Regular Admission
  • Below a 2.7 GPA (B), Admissions with Stipulations may be awarded by the graduate office. Please contact the program coordinator for more information on this.

The grade point average will be calculated by averaging all marks used toward the bachelor’s degree. If an applicant has several degrees the total grades toward the 4-year degree will be averaged. It should be understood that grading systems differ from one institution to another. CMU will calculate the grade point average based on the system used at this institution.

Students applying for admission to Central Michigan University need to submit the following materials before their applications can be reviewed. ‚Äč

  1. Online application
  2. $50 application fee in U.S. dollars
  3. Official transcripts, with degrees, posted, from all universities and colleges. These transcripts need to be sent directly from the institution to CMU. Student copies or official transcripts sent by students cannot be accepted. 
Transcripts must be sent electronically or mailed to us directly from your prior school. 
Electronic Delivery:


Transcripts may be sent to:
Central Michigan University
ATTN: Transcript Department
802 Industrial Drive
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858 U.S.A.

If the grade point average is below a 2.7 average, the following documents will also need to be submitted prior to receiving an admissions decision:

  • A resume
  • A “Letter of Intent” – please contact the program coordinator at for more information on this writing sample

If you have any questions, please email or call 800-950-1144 x3867.