Off-Campus Programs MidMichigan Pathways Programs

CMU and MMC Pathway programs for teacher education

Mid Michigan College (MMC) and CMU offer pathway programs for individuals who start at the community college and plan to transfer to CMU to become a certified elementary (grades PK-6) or secondary (grades 6-12) teacher. The program provides MMC students the opportunity to earn their associate degree and transfer to CMU to earn a B.S. in Education. The partnership with MMC and CMU will provide students with advising from both MMC and CMU and opportunities to get involved in student organizations directly related to teacher education. Students may attend informational meetings throughout the process to ensure they are engaged, informed, and prepared to transition from the community college to the university and pursue a degree that leads to teacher certification.

Informational meeting

Meet the MMC and CMU staff who will discuss financial aid, teacher education admission requirements, major information and required course offerings. Other topics include legal issues, diversity requirements and the CMU/MMC website. The next informational meeting is TBA and an announcement will be sent out to MMC students prior to the event.

Apply to CMU and the teacher education program

  1. The semester before the MMC student is ready to transfer to CMU they will work with a CMU college advisor to determine the best time to apply to CMU. this is separate from the teacher educations admission process.
  2. Admission to the teacher education program is every fall and spring. The teacher education admission checklist​ outlines the admission requirements and is a student-managed process. Students are responsible for ensuring all application materials are completed and turned in on time. The CMU college advisor will go over this process with the student. A student can not apply to CMU’s teacher education program until after they have applied and been accepted to CMU.