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To find learning and study strategies focused on specific topics (e.g., note-making, creating study aids, developing a study plan, test-taking, or time management) and relevant research, visit the content in Learning and Study Strategies.

Student-shared recommendations

M4 comments, suggestions or advice for medical school colleagues (October 2016)

  • Starting studying early, plan out what you will do when, use flashcards for what you can't remember, and focus on practice questions.
  • Study hard for your shelf exams because that information is also on CK.
  • My Step 1 to Step 2 score was a 36-point increase. This was very doable and easily achieved through working hard on the clerkships, excelling on the shelf exams, and narrowing my focus on my study materials to just a few resources (UWorld, Online MedEd, Master the Boards).
  • Use what works for you, not what works for everyone else. Try something, and if it doesn't work, don't waste your time hoping that it will. Don't compare your progress to other people, everyone learns differently and advances at different rates. Put the time and effort in and adjust as necessary. It's important to be adaptive as well as recognizing the need for help if you're lacking or progressing slower than expected. Unfortunately, our careers are judged on 2 3-digit numbers, so there is no reason to take a gamble with your future.
  • Treat CK like Step 1 – take it seriously and take the time off you need.