Goal Area: Beyond CSE


External community building fosters strong connections between CSE and the communities we serve. By actively engaging with businesses, government entities, and nonprofit organizations, CSE establishes mutually beneficial partnerships that enhance educational opportunities, research collaborations, and community development initiatives. Furthermore, external community building bridges the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that academic programs align with real-world needs and trends. This strategic goal also promotes a positive university image, as it demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and community impact, engenders alumni pride, and attracts potential students, faculty, and donors.


  1. Enhance collaboration and foster engagement with groups beyond CSE, including other colleges at CMU, industrial partners, government agencies, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, and non-profit agencies 
  2. Reimagine communication strategies 
  3. Further develop alumni relationships  
  4. Increase engagement of all CSE members with individuals, groups, and organizations beyond CSE. Recognize, value, and reward efforts toward external engagement.


Increase opportunities for interactions, including the number of senior capstone projects across CSE sponsored by external partners, the # of internship opportunities, the # of visits to industry and government worksites.   [Strategy 1, 4] [also supports Goal area Student success, Scholarship]

Develop a Maker space for CSE students that is equipped by donations from industry. This includes identifying space, developing plans for staffing the lab with technical personnel, and developing a capital campaign for equipment acquisition. [Strategy 1, 3, 4] [also supports Goal areas Student success, Scholarship]

Host and promote (incl. to external partners) various in-semester and end-of-semester social events to promote/display CSE students and faculty project work/research accomplishments. [Strategy 1, 2, 4] [also supports Goal areas student success, DEIJB, Scholarship, CSE Culture]

Recognize and reward CSE faculty/staff for acquisition of financial contributions (cash, equipment) from external partners. [Strategy 1, 4] [also supports Goal areas DEIJB, Scholarship, CSE Culture

Utilize CSE and University resources in UComm to broadcast CSE-external partner engagement through multiple media outlets. [Strategy 1,3] [also supports Goal area CSE community]   

Encourage faculty/staff/students to engage in social media storytelling pertaining to their collaborations with partners. [Strategy 1, 2, 3, 4] [also supports Goal areas Student success, DEIJB, Scholarship, CSE Culture]

Invite alums to participate on CSE and departmental advisory boards. [Strategy 3]  

Review departmental by-laws to (1) recognize faculty/staff leadership in development of external partnerships and (2) reward outreach and community engagement. [Strategy 1, 2, 3, 4] [also supports Goal areas DEIJB, Scholarship, CSE Culture]

Provide website, social media support, storage space in support of collaborative efforts. [Strategy 1] [also supports Goal area CSE Culture]

Conduct a network analysis of sphere of influence and impact with a goal of setting CSE goals. [Strategies 1, 2, 3, 4] [also supports goal areas Student success, Scholarship, CSE Culture]

Celebrate meaningful volunteer and community work. This includes promoting the current CSE community award and developing appropriate additional means of celebrations [Supports Strategy 1] [also supports Goal area DEIJB]

Metrics measured yearly

  • # of internship opportunities offered to CSE students
  • # of external partners participating in CSE career fair events
  • # of senior capstone projects sponsored by external partners
  • # of external partners that sponsor projects across multiple years (‘return customers’)
  • # of CSE faculty/staff/student visits to external partner worksites
  • Attendance at CSE-hosted social events for external partner-student engagement
  • Financial donations from external partners
  • # of traditional news releases related to CSE-external partner collaboration
  • # of social media posts related to CSE-external partner collaboration
  • # of CSE alums participating on Departmental/College advisory boards
  • # of alums returning to campus to participate in CSE on-campus events
  • # of alums contacting faculty/staff to post internship/job opportunities at their workplaces
  • % of departmental by-laws revised that specifically include leadership in external partnership collaboration 
  • # of communication of CSE achievements with social media 

Please share your feedback with this goal area below by Friday, February 23, 2024. Comments on which strategies and tactics you like and/or dislike will be most helpful.