Goal Area: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice and Belonging


Incorporating DEIJB into our strategic plan is imperative for fostering an enriching and equitable learning environment. Recognizing and embracing the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences of students, faculty, and staff enhances the overall educational experience and prepares individuals to thrive in an interconnected global society. By prioritizing equity and inclusivity, CSE can break down barriers to access for historically underrepresented groups in STEM, ensuring that all members of the community have equal opportunities to succeed. Cultivating a sense of belonging is crucial for student engagement, retention, and overall well-being, fostering a community where everyone feels valued and supported.


  1. Create and reinforce a culture of inclusive teaching
  2. Ensure that CSE Awards and recognitions align with the values of CSE
  3. Develop and implement a plan to increase representation of underrepresented staff and faculty (both recruitment and retention)
  4. Develop and implement a plan to support historically underrepresented students (both undergraduate and graduate) in STEM
  5. Explicitly foster a culture of belonging for all


Add DEIJB metrics (culturally significant assessment instrument from CMU DEI strategic plan) as part of evaluation of all units and members [Supports strategy 1,3,4,5]

Review existing CSE awards and create new CSE awards that match the values of CSE, and are equitable and accessible to all. [Supports strategy 2] [also supports Goal area CSE Culture]

Provide clear and explicit communication from Dean to all departments/school on importance of DEIJB efforts that provides recommendations and best DEIJB practices [Supports strategies 1, 3, 4, 5] [also supports Goal areas Student success and CSE Culture]

Identify and collaborate with groups around campus that support historically and currently underrepresented students (such as McNair, First network, etc). Continue to build a path from TRIO to McNair to Grad students to faculty. [Supports Strategy 4, 5] [also supports Goal area Student success]

Create and implement hire strategies that would attract more diverse pools of applicants. This may include broader statements when posting to avoid shrinking the pool of applicants, and an explicit DEIJB statement in the ad. [Supports strategy 3]

Provide a 2-year mentoring system for all new and current staff/faculty that identify as historically and currently underrepresented diversity [Supports strategy 3, 4, 5] [also supports Goal area CSE Culture]

Support inclusive teaching workshops for graduate students and faculty. [Supports strategy 1, 4, 5] [also supports Goal areas Student success and CSE Culture]

Survey all CSE students, staff and faculty for demographics to identify who CSE is composed of and better understand the needs of the CSE community. Design support based on information collected. Share demographics on CSE website. [Supports strategy 3, 4, 5] [also supports Goal area Student success and CSE Culture]

Reduce gap achievements for historically and currently underrepresented STEM students by providing explicit mentoring programs that are structured. [Supports strategy 4] [also supports Goal area Student success]

Support writing of external grants and contracts that specifically address culture change and inclusive communities (such as ADVANCE grants for faculty and S-STEM/REU grants for students). [Supports strategy 3, 4] [also supports Goal areas Scholarship, Student success, CSE Culture]

Incorporate relevant social justice issues and applied learning into course work requirements whenever applicable. [Supports strategy 1]

Monitor DEIJB efforts and capture impacts of the efforts over time with data. [Supports strategies 1-5] [also supports Goal area CSE Culture]

Create and communicate an explicit reporting mechanism for DEIJB incidents within CSE. [Supports strategies 1-5] [also supports Goal area CSE Culture]

Metrics measured every year

  • Survey results for demographics (incl. visible and invisible diversity) for students, staff, faculty
  • Retention rates of faculty and staff based on demographics
  • Retention rates based on demographics
  • DEW rates based on demographics
  • Awards given to students / faculty / staff doing DEIJB work
  • # of communications/recommendations from CSE administration that are DEIJB related
  • # of incidents that are DEIJB related
  • Exit survey data from students that include satisfaction with CSE

Please share your feedback with this goal area below by Friday, February 23, 2024. Comments on which strategies and tactics you like and/or dislike will be most helpful.