Goal Area: Scholarship


CSE strives to balance a long tradition of commitment to undergraduate education with a growing ambition to advance knowledge through competitive research. To meet this strategic challenge, the college must leverage its most important resources - its faculty, staff, and students. Recognizing the range of strengths and passions of the CSE faculty and staff, the college aims to support multiple pathways to advancement that emphasize scholarly contributions in teaching and/or research promote. This includes the increasing needs of mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in research endeavors.


  1. Build a framework that supports, recognizes, and rewards scholarship (teaching, research and mentoring) activities within and across departments
  2. Make strategic investments in infrastructure that support scholarship of teaching and research within CSE (technology, lab support, research and teaching assistantships, non-tenure track faculty)
  3. Increase awareness of CSE at CMU as a premier destination to find research collaborations (academic and industry), for student research mentoring, and for innovative and impactful teaching methodologies.


Maintain and modestly grow the total # of tenure-track faculty in CSE. This includes hiring an average of 3 new tenure track faculty/year in academic areas that have potential for enrollment growth and are identified as gaps for enrollment (with a sustainability plan to maintain these areas). Create and explicitly share hiring proposals, strategies, and rationale. Revisit as budget evolves. [Supports Strategy 1, 3]

Investigate pathways for promoting interdisciplinary hiring and strategic resource sharing as ways to strengthen and sustain existing programs and growth-area opportunities. [Supports Strategy 1, 2, 3]

Encourage, facilitate and support equitable tracks for tenure-track faculty that support research-centric faculty, teaching-centric faculty, or an equitable blend. Provide bylaw templates and language to encourage standardized bylaws across CSE in an equitable manner regarding tracks and teaching loads and how release time is allocated, including incorporation of departmental differences. [Supports Strategy 1, 3] [Supports Strategy 1, 3] [also supports Goal areas DEIJB, CSE Culture]

Optimize talent by providing multiple pathways for all faculty and staff to participate in the shared governance. [Supports Strategy 1, 2] [also supports Goal areas DEIJB, CSE Culture]

Explore, advocate and facilitate additional advancement and recognition opportunities for non-tenure track faculty members akin to the Professional Salary Adjustments of tenure-track faculty. This includes creating financial incentives for non-tenure track faculty members that are engaged in activities beyond classroom teaching, such as student mentoring or other service activities, that are representative of the time spent. [Supports Strategy 1, 3] [also supports Goal areas CSE Culture, DEIJB]

Support, invest in, encourage, and recognize faculty, staff, and graduate student efforts towards innovative and impactful pedagogy (CSE book club with professional development funds or stipends, communities of practice, teacher of the month, teacher highlight on social media, tie in with students by ‘interviewing’ them for a short video on what’s made a difference for them in their classes) [Supports Strategy 1, 3] [also supports Goal areas DEIJB, Student success, CSE Culture]

Increase faculty and staff engagement with Science of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) research and publications. [also supports Goal areas DEIJB, Student success]

Stabilize and strategically increase the number of graduate and undergraduate assistantships across the college. Review the competitiveness of assistantships compared to peer institutions. [Supports Strategy 1, 3]

Increase communication of both teaching and research successes involving faculty, staff, and CSE-affiliated students and alumni. [Supports Strategy 1, 3] [also supports Goal area CSE Culture]

Stabilize and strategically increase the number of support staff aimed at enhancing scholarship within CSE. [Supports Strategy 1,3]

Metrics collected yearly

  • # of research scholarships / fellowship / awards / grants for students, staff, faculty
  • Retention of new tenure-track faculty
  • Surveys of faculty (both tenure-track and fixed-term) satisfaction
  • Track the number of graduate student lines in the college annually
  • Reports evaluating interdisciplinary programs and faculty involvement
  • Reports tracking bylaw changes across all departments and school within CSE regarding the support of research-centric, teaching-centric, or a blend for tenure-track faculty
  • Reports evaluating the advancement of fixed-term faculty within CSE
  • Reports tracking CSE’s efforts towards impactful pedagogy
  • Track the outcomes and use of CSE funds not tied to specific departments.

Please share your feedback with this goal area below by Friday, February 23, 2024. Comments on which strategies and tactics you like and/or dislike will be most helpful.