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Biochemistry, Cellular & Molecular Biology

The Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology Ph.D. and M.S. graduate programs at Central Michigan University provide research-based multidisciplinary training in diverse aspects of biological, biochemical, and biomedical sciences.

Why BCMB at Central Michigan University?

Conduct high-impact, original research with award-winning faculty mentors in state-of-the art facilities, all while residing in the beautiful (and affordable) state of Michigan. Click the link above to learn more about the distinctive strengths of BCMB at CMU.

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program provides an in-depth research experience over approximately 5 years. Students graduating with a Ph.D. may go onto careers in academia, industry, or other fields that draw on the knowledge and skills acquired during their graduate work. 

M.S. Program

Students complete the M.S. program in approximately 2 years.  The combination of advanced course work and research experience prepares students for Ph.D. programs, schools in the health professions (e.g., medical school), or jobs in biotechnology.

Applying to CMU

The application process is the same for the BCMB Ph.D. and M.S. programs. Students with a bachelor's degree may apply to either the M.S. or Ph.D. program, however students with limited research experience should consider the M.S. program first. Applicants' prior research experience (if any) should be discussed in detail the statement of purpose.


Complete applications received by January 10 will be considered for admission into the program the following fall semester.

In some cases, applications may be considered after the January 10 deadline provided that: (1) the prospective student has identified a potential mentor, and (2) the mentor has requested an exception to the standard admissions timeline.

BCMB Admission Requirements

Minimum requirements for applicants for the BCMB Ph.D. and M.S. programs are listed below. In some cases, a deficit in a single area may be compensated for by a clear superiority in another area.

  • Bachelor's degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, or a related discipline
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 and major GPA of 3.0
  • A strong background in basic sciences including biology, chemistry, and mathematics
  • International students must demonstrate English proficiency
  • Research experience is strongly preferred for the BCMB Ph.D. program

How to Apply

Complete application forms and required materials

Applications are submitted in three parts as described below. All three parts must be submitted by the deadline for an application to be considered.

Submit part I of the application online at the CMU College of Graduate Studies website. All of the following materials must be submitted:

  • CMU graduate application
  • Official transcripts for any Bachelor's degrees
  • Application fee
  • Submit part II of the application by sending a single email to Include the following materials in your email.

  • BCMB application
  • CV/Resume
  • Unofficial copies of transcripts (these copies are helpful in case there is a delay in receiving your official transcripts).
  • BCMB Application

    Letters of recommendation

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation must be emailed directly from the letter-writers to
  • Letters should be written by people who know you in an academic and/or research setting.
  • Letters should include your name and which program you are applying for (BCMB MS or BCMB PhD).
  • Letters should address your research ability, academic ability, communication skills, and ability to work with other people.
  • Optionally, the GRE (general test), MCAT, or other similar test scores may be submitted. Arrange to have scores sent to CMU (Institution Code: 1106; Department Code: 0203).

    Should I submit GRE (or other test) scores?

    We expect that most students will not submit GRE (or other test) scores. We recommend submitting scores only if you think that your scores will make your application stronger

    Review process

    Only applications with all required documents and forms completed will be reviewed. The College of Graduate Studies will first confirm that your application meets the basic standards for graduate admission before your materials are forwarded to the BCMB program office. Once received, the BCMB program office will coordinate evaluation of all completed applications by the BCMB admissions committee.

    For students who have not secured a faculty mentor match prior to submitting their application, the first step in the evaluation of applications will be a matching process to pair qualified applicants with faculty mentors. The faculty you list on the application will be contacted so they can review your application materials. If a faculty mentor has openings and is considering accepting you into their lab, they will contact you by email to arrange a meeting. After the meeting, the faculty mentor will let you and the BCMB program know if they agree to match with you. Only students who have been successfully matched to faculty will be considered for admission.

    Letters of acceptance

    For applications received by January 10, letters recommending admission will be sent by March 15 each year. The deadline for accepting offers of admission is April 15. For applications received at other times of the year, the review process will be completed as promptly as possible.

    Graduate Assistantships

    Graduate students in the BCMB programs are typically supported through a combination of teaching and research assistantships. Graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs) and graduate research assistantships (GRAs) are service-related appointments that require teaching or research, respectively. Through an assistantship, you will receive a stipend, resident (Michigan) tuition rates, a tuition waiver, travel accident insurance, and special library privileges. During the application process, you will work with your faculty sponsor to develop a funding plan that outlines how you will be supported for each semester of the program.

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