Computer Science Graduate Assistantships

​​As a graduate student, you'll have opportunities to apply for financial assistance through graduate assistantships offered within the CMU Department of Computer Science.

In addition to providing financial assistance to help you complete your degree, graduate assistantships offer opportunities to develop and enhance your career-related skills.

Guidelines for Applying for a Graduate Assistantship

The Department of Computer Science offers several graduate assistantships (GAs) during the academic year. The following guidelines provide you with the general information about the application and selection process.

Work Hours and Compensation

A full-time GA is expected to work 20 hours per week. Compensation includes:

  • An academic year stipend of approximately $13,000
  • 20 credit hours of tuition waiver for the academic year (unused hours may be used in the summer)
  • Out-of-state tuition waiver

Most of the GAs offered by the department are half-time, i.e., you'd be expected to work 10 hours per week and receive half the compensation of a full-time GA.

Application Process

You must submit these documents to be considered for a GA position:

  • GA Application Form
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts of your bachelor's degree
  • Current vita
  • General GRE test score

No application will be processed unless all documents are received and all sections of the GA Application Form are filled in. Have each of your references complete a Graduate Assistantship Recommendation Form or type his/her own personal recommendation letter, then seal it in an envelope and sign on the back flap. Recommendation letters should be sent with your other application documents to the department:

  • Graduate Committee
    Department of Computer Science
    Central Michigan University
    Mount Pleasant, MI 48859, U.S.A.

It is your responsibility to submit all documents. If you also send some of these documents to the College of Graduate Studies, make duplicates and send them to us as well. We do not search the information that the College of Graduate Studies receives.

Application deadline is March 1 for the fall semester and ​October 1 for the spring semester.

International Students

The chance for first-year international students to receive a GA position in the department is small, however some international students do receive a GA after they've arrived on campus and spent at least a semester here. There are other units on campus where international students may find financial support.

Selection Process

The department's Graduate Committee evaluates all GA applications and makes recommendations to the department chair. Based on the committee's recommendations and the budget situation, the chair then makes the recommendations to the Dean of the College of Science and Technology.

You must be admitted to the CPS M.S. degree program to be eligible for consideration of a GA position.

In general, the Graduate Committee gives higher priority to regularly admitted applicants than those admitted conditionally. The main criteria assessed include:

  • Good academic records
  • High sense of responsibility
  • Fluent English (good communication skills are considered essential)

Notification Process

Once the decision is made, the Office of Faculty Personnel Services at CMU sends letters to those who are offered a GA position. If you are not among the GA awardees, you will receive a letter from the department indicating this fact.

* Please note that e-mail inquiries about your GA application status will not be answered.