Mathematics Problem of the Week

A new Problem of the Week will be posted each Monday. Solutions are typically due the following Monday at 2 p.m.

Oct.  30, 2023


There were no correct solution submitted for problem 662


  • Problem 661
  • Solution 661
  • There was one correct solutions this week submitted by Luka Kourtev. Luka wins this weeks prize.


  • Problem 660
  • Solution 660
  • There were 4 correct solutions to problem 660 by Nguyen Thuy Trang, Luke Kourtev, Aryan Junjabi, and Jackson Peless (a high school senior). By random draw the prize was split between Luke and Nguyen.


  • Problem 659
  • Solution 659
  • There were two correct solutions submitted to problem 659 by Luka Kourtev and Koksal Karakus. Because Koksal is a graduate student and is not eligible for the prize, the prize was awarded to Luka.


  • Problem 658
  • Solution 658
  • There were three correct solutions to problem 658...Benjamin Bucci, Luka Kourtev, and Aryan Punjabi. By a random draw the prize was divided between Benjamin and Luka.


  • Problem 657
  • Solution 657
  • There was one partial correct solution submitted by Mary Brandon, and one correct solution submitted by Aryan Punjabi this week. The prize was awarded to Aryan.