Pre Professional Phase


The courses listed below are required for all students interested in pursuing the Athletic Training Major. It will likely take a student a minimum of three semesters to complete the pre-professional courses and all selection criteria to be an eligible candidate for selection. All pre-professional courses determine the pre-professional grade point average (GPA).

  • ATR 100 - Foundations of Athletic Training 3(3-0)
  • ATR 200 - Functional Anatomy for Athletic Trainers 3(2-3)
  • ATR 280 - Field Experience in Athletic Training 3(Spec)
  • CHM 120 - Survey of Chemistry 4(4-0)
  • CHM 127 - Introductory Chemistry Laboratory 1(0-2)
  • HSC 211 - Human Anatomy and Physiology 3(3-0)
  • HSC 212 - Applied Physiology and Kinesiology 3(2-2)
  • PHL 105 - Critical Reasoning in Everyday Life 3(3-0)
  • PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology 3(3-0)
  • STA 282QR - Introduction to Statistics 3(3-0)

Suggested first semester schedule

To assist students with scheduling their first semester, as a prospective athletic training major at Central Michigan, the faculty advisors suggest a 15-17 credit hour load which may include the following courses:

Option A

  • ATR 100 - [Satisfies ATR 200 prerequisite]
  • HSC 211 - [Satisfies ATR 200 & HSC 212 prerequisite]
  • PHL 105
  • General Education Courses
    • Written or Oral English Competency
    • Math Competency  [If needed for success in CHM and STA]  OR UP Course if math competency is not needed.

Option B (If ATR and/or PHL are closed)

  • HSC 211  [Satisfies ATR 200 & HSC 212 perequisite]
  • PSY 100
  • General Education Courses
    • Math Competency [If needed for success in CHM and STA] OR UP Course if math competency is not needed
    • UP Course
    • Written or Oral English Competency 

Students are encouraged to meet with their major advisor before the next semester scheduling phase to discuss the sequencing of the remaining athletic training pre-professional courses.

Clinical Education

During ATR 280 Field Experience in Athletic Training, the student will be required to spend approximately ten hours per week for twelve weeks in an assigned field experience with a certified athletic trainer in the Central Michigan University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. The pre-professional student is provided information regarding first aid, emergency care and exposure to bloodborne pathogens. The pre-professional student will have the opportunity to participate with the management of athletic injury and illness as described in ATR 280, and under the direction of a certified athletic trainer, along with guidance from a professional phase athletic training student. The pre-professional student's primary level of competency is to assist the CMU Sports Medicine staff with first aid and emergency care. The pre-professional phase athletic training student must complete the assigned experience and submit an evaluation as a part of the selection criteria to the professional phase. Additionally, the student must spend out of class time in the athletic training lab (approximately four hours per week for ten weeks) practicing identified athletic training skills.