Michigan State University

CMU PA PrerequisiteEquivalent at Michigan State University
Anatomy lecture and lab
KIN 216 (lecture) and KIN 217 (lab)
ANTR 350 (lecture) and ANTR 355 (lab)
ANTR 350 (lecture) and ANTR 485 (lab)
Physiology lecture and lab
PSL 310 (lecture) and PSL 311L (lab)
PSL 431 (lecture) and PSL 475L (lab)
NUR 300
PSL 450
BLD 204
Microbiology (with or without lab)
MMG 201 
MMG 301
Biochemistry (with or without lab)
BMB 200
BMB 401
Developmental Psychology (from birth through old age)
HDFS 225
PSY 238