Literacy and Language Disorders in Children and Adolescents

There are a number of research projects related to language and literacy within the Department of Communication Disorders. This research involves both children and adults and is conducted on-site in the Carls Center Clinic and off-site in school settings across mid-Michigan. Language and literacy research focuses on receptive and expressive language, both in oral and written forms.

  • This research aims to identify differences in the reading and writing abilities of adolescents and adults with and without literacy disorders. Understanding the differences between these populations assists in the development​ of assessment procedures that accurately identify students with literacy disorders. This research also focuses on the intervention and assessment materials used to identify adolescents and adults with writing difficulties, as there is no current standardized diagnostic writing measure that sufficiently assesses writing abilities of adolescents and adults with language disorders and/or learning disabilities. 
  • Research in this area utilizes local elementary educators in identifying students who need differentiated instruction and evidence-based interventions in the areas of language and literacy, specifically those diagnosed with dyslexia.