Habilitation Rehabilitation Intervention

Study of elements of care used to enhance, maintain, and restore quality of life and functional ability for individual with physical​ neurological impairments and/or disabilities. 

Examination of actions taken to facilitate acquisition, maintenance, restoration, or improvement in an individual's health, functional abilities, and/or quality of life.​

​​​Artho- and Osteokinematics​

​​​Research examining the artho- and osteokinematics focuses on the gross movements that occur at the articulating surface of a joint and the various planes of motion in which​ bones move in space.

​​Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Research in this area of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) involves the examination of products such as herbal medicines and holistic manipulative practices which are not part of standard Western medicine practices.

​​Rehabilitation Assessments

Research​ involving rehabilitation assessment includes the examination of measurements used for detecting impairments(s) on an individual's health, functional abilities, and/or quality of life. 

​​​Rehabilitation Technologies

Research involving the development of rehabilitation technology is directed at the examination of tools and equipment that may be useful in enhancing an individual's health, the performance of functional tasks, and/or quality of life. Recent studies have focused on postural perturbations in a virtual environment with patients diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries. ​