History Recent Dissertations and Theses


  • Scarlet L. Muñoz Ramirez (Dissertation)
    Title: "Afro-Indigenous Connections in the Puebla-Atlixco Valley, 1575-1650"
    Advisor: Jonathan G. Truitt


  • Timothy Day (Dissertation)
    Title: "Confessional Pluralism and Civic Association in the Gallican and Anglican Churches, 1816-1829"
    Advisor: Doina P. Harsanyi
  • Shannon R. Kirkwood (Dissertation)
    Title: "Mobilizing the Home: The Politics of Female Space, Women's Working Class Consciousness, and the Labor Movement in the U.S. and Britain, 1912-1922"
    Advisor: Tara M. McCarthy
  • E. Wesley Reynolds, III (Dissertation)
    Title: "Coffeehouse Triflers and Their Atlantic World of Leisure"
    Advisor: Timothy D. Hall
  • Jordan Cleveland (Thesis)
    Title: "From Our Free Fathers We Are Free Sons: How the Stafa Memorial Attempted to Change the Idea of Citizenship in Zurich, 1794"
    Committee Chair: Doina P. Harsanyi


  • Dale Moler (Dissertation)
    Title: "Demobilizing Television: Technological Consumers in the Postwar World"
    Advisor: Kathleen G. Donohue
  • Carlos Hugo Aldolfo Zayas Gonzalez (Dissertation)
    Title: "Makers of Knowledge: Seventeenth Century Jesuit Intellectual Culture in the Spanish World"
    Advisor: Jonathan G. Truitt
  • Kevin T. Hall (Dissertation)
    Title: "Allied 'Luftgangster' and the German Population: The Killing and Mistreatment of Downed American Airmen in Germany during World War Two"
    Advisor: Eric A. Johnson


  • Andrew T. Dietzel (Dissertation)
    Title: "Resisting the Settler-State: Enunciations of Haudenosaunee Sovereignty and Indigeneity from 1898-1924"
    Advisor: Tracy L. Brown
  • Jennifer G. Vannette (Dissertation)
    Title: "Aftermath of Genocide: The World Jewish Congress and the Fight for Human Rights"
    Advisor: Mitchell K. Hall
  • Sulaiman Albinhamad (Thesis)
    Title: "The Economic Decline of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt and the Role of the Circassian Sultans Behind This Decline (1382-1517 A.D.)"
    Committee Chair: John F. Robertson


  • Patrick M. Kirkwood (Dissertation)
    Title: "An 'Administrative Race'? Anglo-Saxonism and Imperial Administrative Networks in the Philippines and Southern Africa, c.1898-1921"
    Advisor: David I. MacLeod
  • Dallas F. Michelbacher (Dissertation)
    Title: "Jewish Forced Labor in Romania under Antonescu Regime, 1940-1944"
    Advisor: Eric A. Johnson
  • Marian Matyn (Thesis)
    Title: "Performing Into A New Reality: Michigan Female Equestrians and Fliers and Their Impact on Women's Gender Roles and Behaviors"
    Committee Chair: Timothy D. Hall