Greece Study Abroad in Political Science and Public Administration

PSC 330: Study Abroad – Ancient Athens and Modern Greece

This class will take you to some of the most important sites where Western civilization began – Delphi, where the oracle spoke with the voice of the gods; Olympia, home of the ancient Olympic Games; and Athens, site of the Acropolis and the birthplace of the theater, democracy, and philosophy.

We will stay in Greece for three weeks, learning about the foundations of our civilization. What was Greek religion like, and how did it unite the citizens of each city? How did sports connect to the struggle between Greek cities? What problems were the Athenians trying to solve with their evolving democracy? Why was Greek theater such a political activity? And what does all this mean for us today as we try to deal with the challenges we face?​

This course fulfills UP IV-B and can substitute for PSC 275 or PSC 375. 3 Credits

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Taught by Dr. Edward Clayton
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Estimated program fee: $3,100 to $3,400 plus tuition and airfare.

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