Social Work Related Experience

All social work majors are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of social work related experience (volunteer or paid). At least 50 hours of those must be completed by the end of the semester of application to the BSW program. The remainder will be completed before enrolling for SWK 321, typically taken in the spring semester of the junior year.


The social work related experience has several purposes. First, it provides each student with the opportunity to see first hand the types of services, agencies, and experiences that may be part of being a social worker. Second, it allows students to directly test their interest in social work. Third, it provides experience for students as they advance through social work classes. Finally, a reference by the supervisor is required for admission, providing social work faculty valuable insight into the appropriateness of each student for the profession of social work.


An approval form must be completed for proposed experiences, including a detailed description of the tasks that will be completed.  This must be signed by the person who will be supervising and approved by the faculty advisor. Proposed experiences must be approved to ensure they serve the intended purposes.

Once a proposed experience is approved, all hours must be documented with a complete social work related experience reference form.

The Reflection Statement regarding your social work experience is to be completed and submitted within two week of completing the first 50 hours of the required experience, and no later than the last Friday of the semester in which you apply for admission to the social work program.

IMPORTANT: First, download and save the selected form to your device. Then, open the form on your device using the Adobe Reader application. By following these steps, you should be able to save the documents with comments. If you have questions about the forms, contact the Social Work Program office at or 989-774-2690. 

Local volunteer agencies

The Social Work Program has compiled a list of local volunteer agencies from experiences that students have had. The agencies on the list are not necessarily approved or recommended, and may not be accepting volunteers at this time. Students must use their own discretion and initiative in finding suitable social work related experiences.