Psychological Assessment Clinic

​​The Psychological Assessment Clinic (PAC) is part of the Psychological Training and Consultation Center, run by the Psychology Department at Central Michigan University (CMU). The staff of the Psychological Assessment Clinic are advanced doctoral-level graduate students who are receiving specialized training in clinical assessment from the Psychological Assessment Clinic Director, Nathan Weed, Ph.D. Dr. Weed is a licensed psychologist and faculty member at CMU with special clinical and research expertise in assessment.

Why do people seek psychological assessments?

  • Evaluation of learning difficulties
  • Educational planning
  • Evaluation of emotional difficulties
  • Psychological treatment planning
  • Evaluation of problems related to attention and concentration

What is included in a psychological assessment?

  • Two visits to our clinic: interview and testing for approximately six hours and a one hour feedback meeting

What sort of information is requested during the interview?

  • Current problems and challenges
  • Medical history
  • Development as a child
  • Educational history
  • We may also ask to speak to parents, teachers, and or significant others.

What tests are commonly administered during assessment?

  • A test of abilities, designed to reveal intellectual strengths and weaknesses
  • A test of achievement, designed to measure basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • A personality inventory, designed to help us understand characteristic style, coping patterns, and current difficulties
  • A test of attention & concentration
  • A test of memory functioning
  • An evaluation of academic study skills
  • When testing children we may ask that the caregivers or the child's teacher(s) complete some ratings of the child's behavior

What do I need to bring to the assessment?

  • Medical records
  • Results of previous testing
  • Educational transcripts

How long does it take to get feedback and results?

  • A feedback meeting is scheduled approximately one week after the evaluation to review the results of the evaluation and recommendations.
  • A written summary of the evaluation is sent approximately one week after the feedback meeting.

Fees and Insurance

  • Complete evaluations including testing, test scoring, report preparation, and feedback are $500.
  • Fees are due at the initial appointment.