School Psychology Clinic

Appointments and Services

  • Provide psychological services to children, teens, and families
  • Services provided by doctoral students who are supervised by School Psychology Post Doctoral Fellows and faculty members
  • Services provided include assessment, intervention, and consultation.
    • Assessment may include a developmental history, parent/child/teacher rating forms and interviews, school/clinical observations, interest inventories, cognitive and adaptive functioning, reading/math/writing achievement testing, functional behavioral assessment, social-emotional performance, written report, and oral explanation of results. The report/results may be shared with child's pediatrician or school
    • Intervention may include weekly treatment in the clinic with the child/family working directly with the clinician to achieve specified goals
    • Consultation may include the parents receiving assistance from the clinician regarding techniques to implement in the home to assist the child

The clinic is ​specialized in attainment of Academic, Behavioral, and Emotional growth for Children, Teens, and Families

  • ​ADD/ADHD​
    • ​Inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity
  • Autism Spectrum
    • Social development (eye contact, interacting with others), repetitive behavior/restricted interests, communication
  • Learning Acceleration
    • ​​Math, reading, and writing
  • Social and Emotional Learning 
    • Learning life skills that allow children to calm themselves when angry, make friends, resolve conflicts respectfully, and make ethical and safe choices
  • Independent Educational Evaluation
    • ​At public expense, parents can request and independent educational evaluation (IEE) of their child if they disagree with the evaluation of their child that was conducted by the school distric


The clinic is located at The Psychological Training and Consultation Center within the Carls Center​, 1280 E. Campus Drive, 1101 Health Professions Building, Mt Pleasant, MI 48859.

You can schedule an appointment by calling the clinic at 989-774-3904.