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Honors Program

A community of scholars since 1961

Our program offers a comprehensive and immersive academic experience for bright, talented, and highly motivated students who are passionate about personal growth, critical and creative thinking , and the pursuit of meaning.

Honors students:

  • Receive about 80% of all President's and Provost's Research Awards and other awards.
  • Present, publish and perform their scholarly works locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Plan on continuing their education or have employment offers after graduation. More than 50% of graduates last year planned to attend graduate programs.
  • Participate in a study abroad experience. Almost 25% of our students took part in study abroad programs and traveled to all seven continents!
  • Are committed to to civic engagement. Our current student body has completed more than 18,000 hours of community service, and raised thousands of dollars for local charities through philanthropy projects.

Group of students standing outdoors in front of a brick building.

Vision statement

The CMU Honors Program will serve the University by fostering a diverse community of scholars committed to academic excellence, intellectual engagement, and social responsibility.

Mission statement

Providing high academic ability students with unique educational opportunities and experiences, the CMU Honors Program challenges students to aim higher and to achieve more academically, personally, and professionally for the greater good of our disciplines, our society, and our world.

Core values

The primary values that guide the implementation of the Honors Program mission include:

  • Critical thought, scholarly inquiry, and creative expression
  • Respect and appreciation for diverse peoples and ideas in a global society
  • High standards for integrity and personal aspirations
  • Active citizenship and service for the greater good

If the Honors Program vision, mission, and core values are a good fit with your own goals, and if you share in the desire to fully engage in the life of the university, then we invite you to be part of our community of academic leaders, critical and creative thinkers, and agents of transformation.

February Soup and Substance

Details: Join members of the community, faculty, students, and staff for a provided meal of soup and rolls, and a conversation with Nour Ali regarding the parallels of liberation across nations. Nour Ali is from CAIR-MI (The Council on American-Islamic Relations), a nonprofit grassroots civil rights and advocacy group. This event is in collaboration with the Muslim Student Association, Student Advocates for Prison Reform and the Incarcerated, and Feminist Leaders on Campus. 
Date: -
Time: -
Location: Bovee UC Rotunda
103 E. Preston St.
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
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Sponsor: Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office of Diversity Education
Contact: Dr. Nikita Murry 989-774-7318
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