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Honors Program Student Involvement Opportunities

Want to get involved with the Honors Community at Central Michigan University? Here are some opportunities:

  • Honors Council: Each year, up to five Honors students serve on the Honors Council, the committee appointed by the academic senate that oversees the Honors Program.

  • HON 100/300 Teaching Assistants: Honors sophomores, juniors, and seniors serve as mentors to incoming Honors Students in the HON 100/300 course each fall semester. TA's work with small groups of 6-8 Honors students, orienting them to the Honors Program and the life of the University.

  • The Honors Platform: the Honors Program on-line student-produced journal. Student editors select and choose student-submitted research, scholarship and creative pieces for publication in the Platform.

  • Honors Special Events: The Honors Office plans several traditional events throughout the year including the Honors Welcome Event, Silent Auction, Gong Celebration, Charity Ball,  Graduation Ceremony and more!

For more information regarding each opportunity, please click on the appropriate links above or contact the Honors Program office.