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Dual Enrollment

Students can earn credits at two places at once; in high school and here at CMU. Those credits will then apply to their program, bringing them one step closer to that degree.


  • Students can earn credits toward both their high school and college requirements. At the same time!
  • Students can take classes here at CMU that are not available at their high school.
  • We can work with students to map out their courses and to plan out their degree path.

P.S We accept dual enrollment from other colleges too!


In order to be accepted for dual enrollment at CMU, students must:

  • Be a high school junior or senior. Other students may be considered in exceptional cases.
  • Receive approval for dual enrollment and course selection from their high school counselor or principal.

Students may take one or two CMU courses each semester or session.

How students can apply

  • Apply online (A new application is required for each semester they wish to enroll.)
  • Use Course Search to look for available classes. Dual enrolled students are welcome to take any undergraduate courses that have open seats available and don't require pre-requisites. Students will want to work with their high school counselors to find a course that works for them.
  • Students should upload the following documents in the applicant portal or email them to Alex Bohnsack at
    • The most recent copy of their high school transcripts.
    • Dual enrollment registration form signed by their high school counselor/principal.
  • Plan ahead! Students should submit their application 4-6 weeks before they plan to start classes.

Apply to CMU

Students' Frequently Asked Questions

Check with your guidance counselor for more information specific to your school. You might be surprised how many CMU courses are covered by your district!

Nope, we've waived the application fee.

Nope, you won't need to pay the student service fee.

No, you will be responsible for all of your books and supplies. Check in with the CMU bookstore for when and how to find your required books.

Yes, you can! Just be sure your parent fills out the appropriate forms through CentralLink prior to the start of the semester.