Admission as a dual-enrolled student at CMU allows students to enrich their educational experiences and gain college credit while completing their high school degree.


  • Students can take classes at CMU that are not available in their high schools.
  • Students may take one or two college courses each semester or session.
  • CMU Admissions will work with students to enroll them in courses that meet their individual needs once they are accepted.
  • CMU accepts dual enrollment credit from other colleges.
  • Dual enrollment students may count their earned CMU credits both toward high school graduation requirements and college requirements.


In order to be accepted for dual enrollment at CMU, students must:

  • Be a high school junior or senior. Other students may be considered in exceptional cases.
  • Satisfy the admission requirements for new CMU freshmen.
  • Receive a recommendation and approval of course selection from a high school counselor or principal.
The application, decision, and registration process may take up to four weeks.

Application deadlines:
Fall semester – July 15
Spring semester – November 19
Summer I – April 2
Summer II – May 13

How students can apply

  • Apply online (Application must be resubmitted every semester that a student enrolls.) They should not use the Global Campus/CMU Online application. Dual enrolled students are not charged an application fee. Instead, they should select "Pay Later" at the end of the application.
  • The following documents must be sent to Alex Bohnsack at every semester: